What is the quickest, easiest and the cheapest way to  remain healthy, enjoy the feeling of happiness, remain in a upbeat mood?

Simple answer—

Drink plenty of plain, clean water, remain hydrated….so easy, so effective and so beneficial!

After all , our body is 70% WATER.

I have noticed whenever I am running a bunch of errands, am out on a hot, humid day for a few hours, I get quite irritable. However on reaching home, having a tall, cool glass of lemonade/ lassi/coconut water immediately relaxes me, invigorates me, makes me feel good.

If you don’t drink enough water, you tend to feel irritated, nervous, even depressed because the happiness hormones DOPAMINE and SEROTONIN go off balance!

As soon as you drink a glass or two of water or a soothing drink, nerves are calmed. Friends, the effect is instantaneous, try it.

My mother inculcated this great habit of having two glasses of warm water first thing in the morning, all four of us till date follow this ritual, and friends it has helped us remain healthy, no blood pressure issues, no diabetes and no kidney stones!  With God’s grace we siblings are 50+ now, in good health, enjoying life, HAPPY!

This practice helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Bowl movement is stimulated, so goodbye to constipation. Also it improves  gut health, blood circulation and general body functions. It boosts the skin texture too, softer, plumper, more supple skin is a boon. So many advantages of just one good of habit.

Having bed tea was always a  big NO, during our growing up years. Though now on Sundays after having warm water, I get back into the bed to enjoy my cup of Tea, perks of a retired life!

Friends, I urge you to shift over to this morning ritual. Another extremely useful tip, always drink water slowly , in sitting position not standing up or lying down. You will start noticing the good effects within a week, I promise.


Just being in contact with water  makes one feel calmer, happier, healthier. Any activity involving water is so relaxing, so soothing, be it watering the plants, simply soaking feet in water, splashing water on the face, swimming.

A small fountain at home / in the patio, hearing the sound of water , enjoying rain , all these simple things are great mood enhancers. If one can afford to have a small pond at home it can be heavenly.


Beach holidays are always great, people living in coastal areas are more chilled out, they are closer to the life’s most important element.

The sight of rivers, water bodies, sea;

Sounds of water; moist, humid, smell of water;

Greenery around water;

Touch of water;  all this is so calming, so soothing!

No wonder – Water is the Elixir of life,

Let’s enjoy WATER – the nature’s gift to mankind,

Water, health and happiness are interlinked,

Don’t you agree?


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