Friends, happiness is the most searched word on GOOGLE. Just look for “How to be happy” on the internet and you will be bombarded with so much material/advice. Most of it is unreal, boring, not doable and what we already know! Everyone wants to remain happy always; however we fail to accept the fact that eternal happiness is a myth.

Here after much research and deliberation, I am sharing with you just THREE HAPPINESS TIPS. These are achievable and practical!

FIRST TIP: Stop wasting time on the social media.

Social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. are full of posts and pictures showing people having a blast, enjoying exotic vacations, celebrating Birthdays and other life events extravagantly, getting expensive gifts, donning designer wear, even sharing pictures to say what lovey-dovey couples they are!

In my heart of hearts, I know these posts do not tell the complete story. It’s like the DP we have on our profile, out of hundreds of pics we choose the best one and, make it our DP! Same way people showcase a rosy picture of their life.

Even then, these posts make me feel as though I am living a boring, insipid life. I know I am comparing my real life with the highlighted life of others, still it only lowers my self-esteem, it does nothing positive for me. I end up feeling dissatisfied with my mundane life, frustrated, and sometimes a little jealous too.


So, one fine day, I decided to simply log off from all social media.

Friends, telling you from my own personal experience, it works, I am so much at peace with myself. Do try it out for a week, log out completely or unfollow people who are wasting time and energy showing off their fake lives on the social media.  

SECOND TIP: Practice Forgiveness.

Most of us are burdened with regrets. “I should have spent more time with my ailing parents”; “I should have been more patient with my children when they were growing up”; ”I wish, I was more savvy with my investments”;

I am sure each one of us did our best at that stage of our life, under the prevailing circumstances, in spite of the constraints of time, energy and money. If somethings didn’t go the way we wanted them to go just forgive yourself!

And if you apply the same formula for others who you feel wronged you in life, take it from me it will be easier to forgive them too!

THIRD TIP: being unhappy is okay.

There are many things that are beyond our control, but they do cause sorrow and unhappy moments like:  Losing a loved one, facing health issues, stressful circumstances at home/ work/in relationships, natural calamities, political upheaval, recession, a bad deal/ decision etc.

Everyone goes through these phases of life sometime or the other. Good times and bad times come and go, one can only wait for things to change, nothing is permanent and every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Dearies, in order to experience happiness, Sadness/unhappiness has to be endured,

What do you say?


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