Friends, with God’s grace, prayers, and best wishes of my near and dear ones AND my own sheer grit to overcome the monster, I have finally emerged victorious after three weeks of harrowing experience!

This VIRUS is a real BITCH:

Sucks the life out and one doesn’t even realise the gravity.

Both I and my husband felt a little throat irritation and cough on April,16th, Friday. No fever, nothing else, so we started with Betadine gargles and Honitus cough syrup.

 By Saturday night, both of us had low-grade fever 99.6 to 100.4F, however, Paracetamol and Melatonin saw us through the night.

Friends, symptoms vary so much from person to person, luckily both of us were in a similar state, rather we were joking about it all as our oxygen levels were quite stable, varying between 95-97.

Scary part started on day 8th, April 24, Saturday.

After our afternoon siesta, my husband, Rajiv’s Oxy. Levels suddenly dropped to 90-91, mine too fell to 92.

 We were gasping for breath, THIS is the feeling…. SCARY!

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Now we panicked, all the news channels were talking about no beds in hospitals, no oxygen, no doctors, no medical attention, no NOTHING. Only breathing exercises in the prone position helped a bit.

Our sons in the USA got so worried. Tarun, the elder son caught the flight from New York and landed in Delhi on Sunday night, how he did it? No idea, but, seeing him at our gate with a double mask, revived us!

He took charge of the situation, organized a full-time nurse for ten days, an Oxygen concentrator, Nebulisers, telecommunication with Doctors, tests, and more tests, all at home.

He is still in a hotel for the last 12 days. We just see each other across the gate with double masks on. Imagine the trauma, the helplessness, our son has come all the way after 18 months, and we can only see each other from a distance.

“VULTURES” are hovering around!   


To top it all, during this period…… Blood tests, CT Chest scan, RTPCR, all essential to check how the virus is affecting the body, cost at least three times the regular price, you get an appointment only if you know the right people at the right place, otherwise long queues and crowding.

Nursing at home…. Just take a guess?

One has to pay Rs.10,000/ day, to some reputed, well-known healthcare company. The Nurse gets three to five thousand only, depending on how trained he/she is, food, stay, and everything else the patient has to provide, and again there is a long waiting period before you can get a nurse.

Our Government failed us miserably:

The whole administrative machinery has been harnessed to boost the image of the ruling party.

*Trumpeting about our strong pharmaceutical industry, but extending no govt. support.

    *Creating an international image at the cost of our own people’s lives. Vaccines and oxygen cylinders given to other countries without considering our own country’s requirements.

*Kumbh at Haridwar, stocking religious fervour in pandemic times.

KUMBH Mela attended by 35 lakh pilgrims!

*Elections that could wait and the associated rallies.

* Total mismanagement and ill-preparedness.

Well the list is endless!

People are struggling for breath, oxygen, bed in hospitals, medical care….. dying like FLIES. These are not some people, they are close, known friends, colleagues, and relatives.

It is literally the “DANCE OF DEATH”

MASS CREMATION…..Common sight!

One man’s megalomania has brought the whole country to its knees, we are paying with our lives. Young doctors are dying by the scores, helplessness written large on medical professionals, one can only hear the wailing sounds of Ambulances.

Friends, I urge you all to be extremely cautious,

We came out of it, many have not,

We are becoming ATMNIRBHAR, a hospital in every home,

Be compassionate, remain at home,


Please, please pray for our son’s safe return back.



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