My happiness is in my own hands!

Let me tell you a true story.

Ravi and Jai, the two brothers are only two years apart in age. When Ravi appeared for his class 12th exams, Jai was sitting for class 10th board exams. It so happened; they both had their Mathematics paper on the same day.

After the exam, Ravi came back home looking depressed and unhappy, on asking,” How was the paper”? pulling a long face, he replied, “I could not answer a two marks question”. He was so focused on the loss of two marks, that the 98 marks paper he had done correctly didn’t matter to him!

Jai returned happy and jubilant, mother asked him,” So how did it go”? His reply was,” Ma, next one is after three days, I am going out to play with my friends”.

Two siblings, similar situation, same conditions, same upbringing, almost everything same….. but, such a different outlook!

Fast Forward TEN YEARS: –

Ravi pursued Ph.D. in Economics and Finance from a prestigious university, now he is working in a very senior position in a global Investment firm. Professionally he is on top in his field, however, he has got into this habit of being a high achiever, he sets very high standards for himself and for people around him.

High Goals, High-Stress levels!

Jai acquired an MBA degree from a reputed institute, he too is a successful high-level Strategist with an international E-commerce company. By nature, he is an easy-going person, takes things in his stride, and is generally happy with life!  

One may say that each person is wired differently.


One can’t change one’s nature.

However, each one of us must strive to lead a stress-free, meaningful and happy life. Friends HAPPYNESS IS SELF-MADE.     

Ravi certainly needs to consciously take a few lessons on HAPPINESS: –

Lesson 1:

Be kind to yourself, don’t be harsh, you are doing your best!

Lesson 2:

Be optimistic, paint a rosy picture in your mind, it is like willing the universe to grant you your wish, as if you are sending a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Lesson 3:

Smile, even when you are not happy, happiness is contagious, a smiling face is always greated with a smile!

Please do not make your happiness conditional.

I will be happy when I get my dream job.

I will be happy when I am a millionaire.

I will be happy when I shift into my dream home.

Bah….. These are big life goals, you may achieve them or you may abandon them but, Dearies, enjoy the journey, be happy with small milestones and with little joys of life!

Do you agree with me?

If yes, why?  If no, why?

Send answer…. Giving your own life incidents!

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