How to talk to a Covid-19 +ve person?

Friends, one can end up strengthening the bond or losing even an old association, depending on how one behaves and conducts oneself while interacting with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus.

It is that important to know–

How to talk?

What to say?

How to offer comfort to the person going through this difficult phase!

Every single day one gets to know of some or the other relative, friend, colleague, or a neighbor testing positive for Covid-19. One is worried, one wants to talk to them and one wants to be helpful.

Comforting Words Help!

When I went through this ordeal, I realized how people can stress you out unwittingly. It’s just that they don’t realize how some of the things they say can upset a person.


Two weeks back when our son came from the USA, to take control of the situation here in Delhi because both I and my husband suffered the dreaded double mutant Covid-19.

One of my friends forwarded me a What’s app stating that even people who have taken both the doses of Pfizer vaccine are succumbing to this Indian variant.

How I cracked up, I just can’t explain!

I know the intention was not to scare us, but how much anxiety it caused us.

Friends, here is a simple guide:


*Don’t ask, how you got it?

*Did you take the vaccine? When? Which one? Both doses?

*Do not share any distressing news/ studies/ information.

*Refrain from forwarding What’s apps and messages that paint a dismal scenario.

*Avoid giving any advice and please don’t say everyone is getting it.

*Don’t get into long discussions and controversial talk.


Such an apt Quote!

*Listen patiently to whatever the person wants to talk about. Say, “I am there for you, call anytime you need to talk”.

*Remain in touch via what’s app/messages.

*Do you need anything delivered? I will arrange it for you.

*Please follow your doctor’s advice.

*I understand your worry, this new strain is highly virulent, however, more than 80% of people get cured at home only. Be sympathetic.

Pals, unfortunately we can’t do much for the person going through this difficult period,

What we can do ….

1)Pray for their speedy recovery and send your best wishes.

2)Share encouraging and mood lifting messages.

3)Keep in touch.

4)Let them know, that you are concerned, you are there for them.  

Let’s have FAITH, not FEAR,

Friends, this too shall pass,



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