Friends, everyone loves to be well turned out and well dressed; we all love to feel nice about ourselves, enjoy being in the company of trendy people. Who looks forward to meeting and befriending an unkempt, dowdily dressed, boring person? Well, no one!

You may say,” She (that’s me) is a woman, what can she tell us about male grooming?” Friends, I am a female who like most of the women loves to interact with smart, confident, and intelligent men.


  1. Visit your barber regularly — a good hair trim/ cut is a must even if one is loosing hair or is already balding, the remaining glory has to be kept in good shape. Friends, dont fret by this stage of life, many men loose their hair.

 If you support a beard/ or a mustache keep it trimmed and well defined. It gives out the message to the world,” I take care of myself.” Neck hair, undefined sideburns are a complete no-no!

Sir, when you are with your barber, do ask him to remove the unwanted hair sticking out of your ears and nostrils, these are a total put-off.

2) Body massage — this is another must-do activity, especially for men after the age of fifty. It keeps the skin well moisturized, in good health, improves blood circulation, and is so very relaxing. Cherish your body, look after it, enjoy the top of the world feeling. And it does show!

3) Look after your SKIN – Drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated. Invest in a good face wash and a deodorant. Also, a face scrub for that neat & clean visage is a great idea.

Do use a SUN-SCREEN whenever you step out in the sun, mind you, it is extremely important to have clear, healthy skin, this is the only makeup for you!

4)  Pedicure and manicure – men feel this activity is for women only. Friends, a man who keeps his hands, feet, and nails in good shape is not only alluring, he is also telling subtly, “I take pride in my appearance.”

Unkempt dirty hands
Manicured hands
Note the difference

5) Find your SCENT and STICK to it – Dearies just invest in one or two classic masculine colognes and aftershaves, make them your signature fragrance.                                                                                                 

Leave the strong, knockout scents for the youngsters, 50+ men wearing woody/spicy/herbal scents in winters and light lemon-based ones in summers create an impression of maturity/ stability.

Some of you might feel, what is all this I am talking about? We are not uncouth growing teenagers who need to be told about these basic things however friends you will be surprised to know, I see quite a few of our own friends, relatives, acquaintances who used to be quite dapper in their youth losing interest and becoming complacent about their appearance.

Would love to get feedback from my male readers if this blog enthused you to start paying a little more attention to your grooming routine!

This is just a soft reminder,

A gentle push,

Don’t let go,

Keep yourself well-groomed,

The most important thing in life is to feel good for your own sake.



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