Friends, who doesn’t admire Amitabh Bacchan’s grace, Anil Kapoor’s swag and our suave Saif Ali Khan? Agreed they are celebrities, but you too can be so in your own circles.                   Dressing with simple elegance, creating your own signature style, at the same time being comfortable with your body and age is an art that has to be honed!

Wearing loose, ill-fitting clothes, in the name of comfort are a loud and clear announcement,” I am done with life, I don’t care how I look.”

Dearies, enjoy your senior years too with panache, dress with dignity, you have earned it with experience and age.

Welcome your silver or vanishing hair, your well-earned maturity and your wrinkles, there is no need to hide them rather learn to be comfortable with them!


A) Dress casually, there is no need to try hard to look good, however, do put in a little thought and effort. You are not in competition with the youngsters.                           Choose TIMELESS STYLES, ignore the trend-based fashions.  Invest in the best materials, high-quality fabrics, and go for bespoke tailoring. A few classy and comfortable clothing items are all that is required for that dignified, confident, mature look.                                       Also, good quality footwear, leather shoes and sandals, high-end sneakers, and comfortable pure leather slippers for home are must-have items for a classy man.

             NOTICE THE HEADGEAR                                                                

B) Owning smart Headgear like a peek cap, beret and a hat is essential, not only do they add character to your persona, they also protect you from sun, heat, and cold weather.                                  


Everyone must invest in a pair of high-end SUNGLASSES for eye comfort as well as for that understated hip look. Go for the classic Aviators, stylish square Wayfarers from RAY BAN; Persol sunglasses are a hot favorite of the celebrities or invest in a pair of Oakleys. Buy just one pair that suits your face and look after it, they will last for a long long time!


C)     Use accessories, depending on the weather, use colorful scarves, mufflers, or pocket squares to give an aura of a refined gentleman. Friends, these accessories one can don on a daily basis, remember you can add a little color. Come on, don’t shy away, be a little flamboyant!

Style is not age-related,

Create your own trademark style,

Notice, change in people’s perception,


      Dress up to showcase a confident YOU!



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