ARE YOU COMPETING WITH YOUR SPOUSE? Very interesting, off-the-track topic, yet so relevant in today’s times! Friends, in our fast-paced lives where nothing is permanent, neither jobs nor relationships...

AIR POLLUTION is KILLING ME Physically, mentally, emotionally!

Changing tack by 180 degree, my friends; unable to think straight, feeling detached from life itself! My eyes are watering, throat feels like I have swallowed sand, my lungs are choking breathing in this...

HOW to cultivate a detached attitude?

Friends, it’s a known fact that long-married couples experience a lack of physical attraction and intimacy. Myriad aches and pains, physical ailments/ other issues crop up with time. Though strong emotional...

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Happiness is having a pet!

Hmmmmm… what are you saying??? A pet especially a dog means a lot of extra work, chewed up footwear, furniture and what not, unclean house, smelling of dog, on top of it, dog hair, ticks, doggy drool all over the...

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