Happiness is having a pet!

Hmmmmm… what are you saying???

A pet especially a dog means a lot of extra work, chewed up footwear, furniture and what not, unclean house, smelling of dog, on top of it, dog hair, ticks, doggy drool all over the place, yuckkkk!

Some might say,” I might as well raise a child instead of a pet!”

Friends, all these concerns are correct to an extent.

Enjoying the morning cup of tea with my LEO

Friends, we have always had a pet dog…A Golden retriever.  Tuffy, Sandy and now the third one Leo, have given us so much companionship, happiness, we have bonded with each one of them as a family.  Our Leo is almost 14-year-old now and we just can’t think of life without him. We dread the day when he will not be with us anymore.            Since me and my husband are at that stage of life where we may not be able to go for another big, energetic dog, we cherish our time with Leo even more.  Agreed, a pet is a long-time commitment, but life-long fun and frolic, is ensured!

A close family friend of ours was very keen on having a pet dog. However, his wife was totally against the idea, she felt that all the work will ultimately fall on her shoulders.          Their 17-year-old son would come and play with our Leo, yearning wistfully to have a pet of his own. Father and son hatched a plan, they presented a cute two-month-old Golden Labrador pup to the lady on her B’day.  Mother was so upset, she threatened,” Either this pup will remain in the house or me.”

Today, after three years, Samba is there enjoying all the love, affection, pampering and attention lavished on him by the lady of the house. She is a converted person now, as per her,” Nobody can love me, adore me and bewitch me the way this Samba has done.”


Other pets one may consider.

Dearies, it’s not necessary to have a dog as a pet, one can have a small aquarium with colorful fish in it; beautiful budgerigars; a parrot; a cat, depending on your choice and your level of commitment.  


Many people keep BIRD FEED and WATER BOWLS for the birds. Just watching various kinds of birds visiting the garden/ balcony gives happiness; it’s so therapeutic. They are not really pets, still people do develop a kind of bond with them.

A neighbour of mine regularly keeps a milk bowl outside her home. One has to watch how the colony cats wait for her to replenish the milk every morning and evening, they even follow her on her walks, she recognises them, talks to them and has even given them names.

So, friends, life in any form is beautiful,

Notice it, observe it;

Be close to nature;

Enjoy it , be happy;

Pets provide simple, pure joy and happiness,



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