HAPPINESS — Each to his/her own!

Friends, all of us have experienced happiness, yet this is something so difficult to describe because it is an emotional state, and each person experiences it his own way.

When we were young kids, our parents used to take us to watch movies in a picture hall once a month followed by dinner in a restaurant, we used to look forward to the day with so much excitement that the preceding 3-4 days were spent in happy anticipation, now the same experience doesn’t give even half the thrill…. times have changed, we have changed too.

·     When one looks forward to something, has an upbeat outlook, appreciates and takes pleasure in an experience …… ONE IS HAPPY!

Our sons are well educated, professionally successful, settled in their life.                       We are healthy, financially independent.

Parents feel happy when they are able to fulfill their life’s duties to their satisfaction.

·     When one is successful in achieving life one desires, feels fulfilled and appreciated, is generally content …. ONE IS HAPPY!

Real, genuine n smooth relationships give happiness!

In many families due to misunderstandings, sometimes the divide and rule policy adopted by the elders, property issues, rivalry, or simply ego problems, drive a wedge in close relationships. With time one moves on but these strained relationships certainly are a cause for unhappiness.

*Though it is easier said than done, if one can manage to maintain good or at least cordial relationships…. ONE IS HAPPY!

Depending on the stage of life and the prevailing conditions, we human beings learn to grab some happy moments even during the most dismal circumstances.

Sharing my own experience friends, my mother was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment about fifteen years back. Whenever she had to be admitted to the hospital, she would pack some token of appreciation for the sisters/ hospital staff, she took pride in ensuring that her bedside hand towel, her nighty was always in soothing pastel colors, well-matched, clean. These little things made her feel happy even when she was going through such a tough period. She was received with smiles and was nicknamed– the sunshine lady!

 In a nutshell if one has a positive outlook and positive feelings …… ONE IS HAPPY!

Am I right friends?



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