How to Create a HAPPINESS FUND

Friends, all through our life we work towards building a source of income, consciously we plan for a healthy provident fund, savings, and investments so that we can enjoy a comfortable life in our golden years.

But, do we ever think of investing in a happiness fund in order to have a stress-free, happy, and harmonious life?

NO…..I never even thought along these lines till now. I have come to realize that it is of utmost importance to invest time, energy, and money to develop a healthy happiness fund in order to enjoy the later years of life.

Dearies, the sooner one starts the better it is, though as they say, “It’s never too late to start a good habit” and “It’s never too late to make changes in one’s life”.



1st STEP… Keep count of your achievements, big or small, and let go of the failures, big or small. No one can always make good decisions in life, but one must take pride in whatever one has achieved.

I am proud to have raised my children to be good human beings, I have my own home, I am healthy, and I have completed my life’s duties to the best of my capabilities.

Good relationships are insurance against loneliness, depression, and sadness.

2nd STEP… Take out time to strengthen relationships, earlier I was busy with my job, raising kids, and looking after my elderly parents, now I am consciously building meaningful bonds with my siblings, relatives, and my friends.

One must try not to part ways with anyone on a discordant note.

3rd STEP… Looking after my body and my health is of prime importance, after all, we have to make do with what we are born with, and no spare parts are available. Physical, mental, and breathing exercises are essential for a feeling of well-being, Only a healthy person can be of help to others, otherwise one is only a burden!

4th STEP…Ensure you have something or the other to look forward to in life, shun the detached attitude. Dress well, remain up to date, take interest in life, and remain involved.

One of our neighbors is in her late nineties, every single day she sits in her verandah dressed up in a gorgeous saree, she is in touch with all her fifteen grandchildren on Facebook, she surely is an inspiration to all of us.    

5th STEP… seek to grab happy, funny moments of life. Reminiscing about and sharing the funny episodes of life is a great way to enjoy the old memories. I love to tell my daughter in-laws about the naughty things their husbands did when they were kids/ adolescents. For me, it’s fun reliving those moments once again, for them it’s a peek into those times!

Friends, open your Happiness Bank account,

Build memories, strengthen relationships,

Remain involved with life,

The sooner you start, the better,



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