Friends, you must be wondering, what am I talking about? When one is young, often one says proudly, “I don’t know how to cook, I hate going to the kitchen n I am not a fan of home-cooked food”.                                      I still remember that while entering the house, my boys would say,” Ma, we are not hungry; what’s for dinner”? and my answer would be, “You are not hungry so why to ask?”

Those days, work, looking after the house, cooking food for these growing brats, churning out “IMAGINATIVE MEALS” all the time used to be such a task. It never was a pleasure!


Things change at 50+, our children have flown out of the nest, I don’t have to cook on a regular basis, I am happy preparing just one or two fresh, healthy dishes, my husband also joins me in the kitchen, so now we love to cook!

In the good old days, a cookbook “The Basic Food Preparation” published by The Lady Irwin college faculty of the Foods & Nutrition Department was considered the best gift to be taken for the friends and relatives settled abroad, every new bride carried one with her, though it was practical and accurate, it was like a textbook, saved many situations but never inspired one to cook.

Look at the cookery section in any magazine, pick up a Recipe book or watch a cookery show, the colorful pictures, tasters’ ecstatic expressions, smiling, cool, hep chef makes me want to try my hand at cooking……COOKING ENTICES!  


Just think about it, one doesn’t need too much time or expertise to learn a few signature dishes. One may take a couple of hours to prepare an appetizing fare, and it’s polished off in minutes but the whole exercise provides quick gratification to everyone. Dearies, can you name any other activity which can give so much happiness and satisfaction in such a short time?


These days, everybody has all kinds of modern gadgets; there are so many different types of coffee makers, however, nothing can beat the pleasure of beating coffee with sugar till it becomes creamy brown, inhaling the aroma, and chatting with friends.

Kneading dough with my hands takes me back to my childhood days when I used to play with clay and plasticine, and if a grandchild happens to be around I enjoy making some bird or a funny face with the dough….so much fun, great bonding and time just flies past.     


The best way to bond with kids, friends, and spouses is to prepare a meal together. As they say, people who share their recipes and their table are closest to each other.                                         Even when people follow the same recipe each one’ will taste different! So, your signature dish is yours only.                                        Family recipes passed down the generations create great bonding and memories.

In fact, we spend a major part of our life procuring, cooking, and enjoying food,

Food is the glue that holds families together,

Good cooking = Soul satisfying food = Happiness,


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