Clean, Fresh AIR…. For HAPPINESS

Who can deny the exuberant feeling one experiences when one is out in the open, breathing in the fresh, crisp, pure air?

I distinctly remember as a child, whenever we would throw a tantrum or were upset/angry, my mother would say, “Go play outside in the garden!” And we would just forget everything, play, run, climb up the trees, out in the open. We would come back home tired but refreshed and happy.  

Even as an adult, whenever I am stressed or overwhelmed with work/emotions, I go out to a park, take a stroll, I come back feeling soothed, refreshed, with a positive state of mind, ready to tackle the situation. It always works for me,

3 benefits of inhaling clean, fresh air

*As we breathe in the fresh air, more oxygen gets into our body, “SEROTONIN” the happiness hormone gets released, it takes us to a more energetic, more upbeat, and happier mode.

*Even our brain functions in a better manner, we are able to channel our thoughts properly, and it becomes easier to handle small, mundane things without getting upset. Outdoor activities activate the mind, enhance the power of concentration and uplift the mood.   

* Lungs get cleansed, and body toxins are thrown out of our system. Fresh air is known to increase the body’s immunity, making us healthy and happy.

Where is the fresh air?

You might say, “Just look at the air quality indices! Where is the clean, pure air?”

Dearies, the best time to get some pure, clean air is the morning time because, throughout the night, traffic and other human activities are negligible. Even during these hot months, early morning hours are the coolest, so why not take advantage of this golden time of the day???          

Agreed it’s not easy to get up early in the morning, but just see the benefits.

    Bad air is BAD for our wellbeing! 

Our Indian cities are highly polluted, and people are grappling with myriad health issues, in fact, we are slowly heading towards a health disaster.

More the trees, the better is the air quality,

Good air means a better environment,

Better environment= Healthy people,

Healthy people are happy people.

Bhutan, our tiny neighbor, realized the importance of happiness, way back in 1972, King Jigme Singye Wangchuck declared that “GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT(GDP)”.

Finland is the happiest country in the world for the last five years.

Friends, all the countries that boast of a HIGH HAPPINESS INDEX have one thing in common…. Pristine, clean, and natural environment!

Clearly good, clean air; pure water; healthy food means healthy people and happy life.

Even in Delhi, during the early lockdown days around April 2020, we enjoyed clear blue skies, fresh air, chirping of the birds, and beautiful butterflies, we felt happy despite Corona!

The WORLD HEALTH REPORT has conclusively documented the health benefits of clean air/ environment to happiness and wellbeing.

Friends, polluted air is like poison,

Affects our health and well-being,

The only thing we can do is to improve air quality in and around our homes by having lots of plants,

Take advantage of the parks n gardens, especially the

early morning time,



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