AIR POLLUTION is KILLING ME Physically, mentally, emotionally!

Changing tack by 180 degree, my friends; unable to think straight, feeling detached from life itself!

My eyes are watering, throat feels like I have swallowed sand, my lungs are choking breathing in this polluted air, the pollution monster is back! This gloomy atmosphere is getting on my nerves.

This yearly tamasha begins with Diwali and goes on till about end December. After that we will forget it all! Journalists and scientists will remain busy creating impressive graphs, comparing the annual air quality(AQ) data, displaying the AQ on screens at various locations, to alarm/ scare/ create awareness in public. Their job done till next year.

We try to fight our own battle, purifying the air in our homes and at our workplaces with the help of Air purifiers. These are an essential gadget now, displayed proudly like a status symbol.

Public faces the music….. restrictions & fines!

*Don’t burst crackers on Diwali….you are causing pollution!

*Don’t drive to work…vehicular emissions are bad!                                                                                                       

*Farmers, don’t burn farm waste…you are choking us!

*Factories/Industry close down…you pollute the air!

*Stop all construction work…we are breathless!



Public wants to know….

a)  Is there any long term plan in place?                                                                  

    b) Forest fires are depleting the green cover.   

c) Garbage mountains are becoming bigger n bigger.

 d) 60% of total electricity generation is by coal based thermal power plants, any plan to shift from this highly polluting energy source??

e) Buy electric cars, but where are the charging stations?

What can we do to combat pollution?

Friends, we must realize that most of our activities cause pollution of some kind or the other; Only the plants and the trees can cleanse the environment.

The air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil that gives us food, we are polluting all our natural resources and it is adversely affecting our Physical, Mental and Emotional HEALTH.

Our future generations too will not forgive us.               

Let us wage a war against pollution.

This is what I  can do an individual …

*I will use the car/two wheeler only when necessary, I will walk/ cycle to nearby places.

*I will ensure that there is no water wastage in my home, no leaking taps, no shower for bathing, no RO water purifier, no washing of cars with piped water.

I will use of water optimally.

*No extra lights/fans will keep running in my house and all electric gadgets will remain disconnected when not in use.

*I will use minimum plastic and will not throw it around mindlessly.

*I will ensure proper waste disposal, also I will try to compost my kitchen waste.

*I will grow plants in my garden/balcony and I pledge to adopt and take care of one tree in my neighbourhood.

Friends, just remember the old saying,


Together we will win back our BLUE SKY, our CLEAN RIVERS/WATER BODIES and our FERTILE LAND!

Clean Environment is everyone’s RIGHT,


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