5 WAYS to keep the Morale high!

5 WAYS to keep the Morale high!

Friends, we know there is enough going on around us to demoralize us, to make us feel as though nothing is in our hands, to make us feel low, feel demotivated even desperate at times.

In this scenario it’s of utmost importance that we keep our morale high!

As always, we have to pull ourselves up, no fairy or jinni will come for help. So, after a lot of deliberations, I have short-listed these….

FIVE sure-shot ways to boost Morale: –

A)   COMMUNICATE…. preferably verbally on phone, video call is even better, certainly not via what’s app, messages or forwards.

 Knowing what is happening in each other’s lives, even if it is a difficult situation, understanding what might happen, lessens the stress levels, it helps us prepare in advance. Uncertainty increases stress.

Friends, especially during these tough and uncertain times—TRY to Increase communication, and communication means dialogue, not a monologue!


B)   SHARE GOOD STORIES…. No one is interested in sordid details and sad stories. Share good outcomes like so and so in his 80s has beaten Coronavirus, kids of our colony are putting up an entertainment show let’s see them perform on Zoom, I watched “The Crown” on Netflix, it’s awesome, maybe reminisce about the last outing you guys had together. Just, anything light and cheerful.

C)  CELEBRATE EVEN SMALL WINS & SUCCESSES…. since most of us are homebound, no outings, no shopping, no physical interactions, we don’t really have much to talk about, let alone celebrate!

Revel in the small pleasures of life, I spotted a Blue Jaybird on my lemon tree, my Portulaca is full of magenta flowers, so pretty. I walked the extra mile today; my son had an online interview for a job, it rained today, the weather was so nice, that we enjoyed our evening tea sitting in the portico. Anything that brought a smile to your face, share it.

D)  REMAIN BUSY…. Mantra is to keep doing something or the other, reading books, playing games with family members/online, solving puzzles, trying out a new recipe, re-arranging your cupboard or your living space.

Any activity that engages the mind, has a positive outcome and gives instant gratification is helpful in keeping the moral high.

E)   REMOVE UNNECESSARY SOURCES OF STRESS…. Stress is the biggest culprit in bringing down the feeling of well-being. Shun watching the news all the time.

Lack of medical facilities, Economic downturn, Cyclones, Doom and gloom stories, while these issues are important, we can do nothing to solve these problems.

Our duty is to keep ourselves and our family safe n happy.

Keep up your own morale and that of people around you.

Friends, high morale helps boost immunity too!



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