5 innovative ways to celebrate DEEPAWALI

Friends, last Diwali was a very subdued affair due to Covid. This time around since most of us are vaccinated, everyone is getting into the festive mood, raring to celebrate the festival with gusto!

Though the second wave of Delta variant, took a heavy toll, many of us lost our near and dear ones, but human nature is such; we bounce back with hope and enthusiasm.

So, let’s mark all occasions, all festivals, let’s enjoy each moment and celebrate life because…..


However, since so many of our fellow beings have gone through harrowing times, we must commemorate this festival of light with compassion in our hearts, let’s be grateful for what we have and share our joy and good fortune with the less fortunate amongst us.

This Diwali, I am planning to do things differently.                                                                  I have thought of….

5 Brand new ways to enjoy DIWALI responsibly:-

1) I have placed an order for 11 Quilts with a local quilt maker, these will be distributed amongst the poor. This way the locals get work to do and I can share some warmth with our less fortunate fellow beings, make them comfortable during the upcoming winter season. All-round happiness!

2) No online shopping for me this time, all the Diwali Puja requirements, clay Lakshmi-Ganesh, divas, candles, incense sticks, paper bags, planters I am buying directly from the kumhars or the NGOs working with blind people/ local artisans. We must encourage these people by buying their products AND I WILL NOT BARGAIN, though I love to do it! 😈

3) I Will NOT BUY CHINESE decorations, lights, clothing, or any other “made in China” products, they may be attractive and cheap, but I have decided to boost our own artisans, our own indigenous brands!

4) During the past 18 months of Covid-19, I propagated lots of plants, took good care of them, lovingly looked after them lovingly; now I have many healthy, happy, pretty plants.                                        The idea is to transfer these beauties in interesting earthenware planters, procured from the roadside sellers and I will be ready with my signature Diwali gifts for my family and friends. Isn’t it a good idea???

5) Lastly, for the people working for us and those who make our lives comfortable during the year…the driver, household staff, colony chowkidars, sweeper, etc., instead of giving cash we are planning to make packets of expensive, healthy stuff like Almonds, Chawanprash, Desi ghee, Nature cure tea and Bournvita/ Horlicks. Money that we give is spent by the employee as per his/her wish, these goodies the whole family can enjoy, at least for a few days.

I know giving cash is easy and hassle-free but if a little extra effort on my part can bring cheer to the whole family, well it’s worth it.

Friends, Diwali is still three weeks away,                

 if you want to do things differently,                                            if you want to make a difference in people’s lives, if this blog has enthused you,                                          if you have some great ideas of your own,                       GET CRACKING NOW,


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