06 Apr, 21

ONLY 5 Minutes …..for 24 hours of HAPPINESS

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ONLY 5 Minutes …..for 24 hours of HAPPINESS

Everybody is looking for HAPPINESS, despite the fact that we have more wealth, better comfort, more information, what we lack is Happiness. Often, we reminisce about the good old days, WHY?

As per our sages, Happiness is the ultimate and the only goal of human life. All of us are running after money, power, fame, or recognition, basically because we feel that these things will make us happy. However, the moment we achieve one milestone, we set up a higher goal for ourselves. In pursuit of this elusive goal, we keep running the rat race. And, what do we get at the end? …..Unhappiness!

Friends, being happy is no rocket science, it is possible, it is achievable and it is something real.

Take FIVE minutes when you wake up in the morning to check self on these 4 parameters: –

1) Physically, am I good? No aches and pains in my body? I feel rested when I wake up, I am looking forward to getting out of bed, start my day. Friends, what more can I ask for? I am waking up to a new day in good health!

2) Emotionally I am charged up, it is not that stressful things will not happen but I have decided to focus on the good things only when I wake up.   In the evening, I am meeting an old friend over a cup of tea …. +ve emotion, looking forward to it. I lost my favorite sunglasses yesterday ….-ve emotion, I won’t think about it on waking up.

Boosting good emotions is a step towards happiness, especially in the morning.

3) Intellectual happiness or contentment is achievable while material happiness is almost impossible as the targets keep changing. Friends, study shows that people in their fifties and sixties tend to be more content as they have completed their life’s duties. So, welcome each new day with self-assertion, “I have done my best”.

4) Spiritual happiness comes……… By being thankful to God almighty for giving us all that we have. By letting go …… Whatever we could not have. By offering gratitude when we wake up. By accepting the present situation with humility.

Check yourself out every day in the morning on these FOUR counts,

I am doing it for the past one week,

I am feeling the difference,

Looking forward to your experiences,


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