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Do I have a Healthy Mind?

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Do I have a Healthy Mind?

Friends, picking up the thread on the topic “A Healthy Mind”.

Just sharing some day-to-day experiences: – So many times, and it happens with all of us, we forget names of people/ places/ things.

We spend anxious moments looking for keys, pens, spectacles, remote controls, and other similar stuff, and then, we blame it on age. Making the matters worse, people around us also start saying,” Oh, you are getting on in age so…..”.

Studies show, on average each time we spend 1-10 minutes, looking for something. If we add it all up, it amounts to 6.5 to 7 months of our life……JUST IMAGINE!

Dearies, tell me, didn’t we misplace things, forgot to do something important, or simply messed up a situation when we were young? That time one would say,” Oh you are so careless because you are young!”

So, let’s not berate ourselves just because we are no more young. Rather, take pleasure in blaming it all on age!


I have tried to encapsulate the studies conducted by Psychiatrists and Mental health specialists. Friends, just check out the following FIVE signs and be assured that you have a healthy & fit mind.


·     It is absolutely normal and natural to experience fluctuating emotions like depression, negative feelings, mood swings sometimes, they are like waves, they will come and go. Do share your feelings, talk about your fears with your close friends/ relatives. Everyone goes through ups and downs in life, it doesn’t mean that one is of an unstable mind.


 One feels good about oneself, one experiences love, compassion, joy, and happiness, has a sense of belonging, rejoices in the success of the siblings/ children/ friends, has a sense of purpose in life, is generally satisfied with life. All these are signs of a healthy mind.

 The person, who copes up with the ups and downs of life, adjusts well to the circumstances, and is able to move ahead in life without becoming cynical, is certainly fit n healthy mentally.


·     There is no need to try to please everyone, anyway it’s humanly impossible; even Lord Krishna could not do so!

Saying “NO” to people should not make one feel guilty. Everyone has issues with some people and gets along well with others, it’s OK, just accepting oneself and others the way they are, having a close-knit circle of just 2-3 friends, is the hallmark of a sound mind.


*     Lastly, mentally healthy people keep working towards self-improvement, they try to set achievable goals in order to create a good life for themselves and for people around them. They belong to various forums, are happy to work in groups.

Friends, let’s not fall into the age trap,

everyone can forget names/things, sometimes,

the online games, brain exercises are good to enhance mental agility,


By and large, all of us are mentally healthy & fit,


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