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Friends, just as we need physical activity for a healthy body, brain games work wonders towards building a sharp, strong and healthy mind. So, let’s keep training, challenging, and exercising our brain consciously and constantly.  

Why go for Online Brain games?

Best thing about fun brain workouts is that: –

One can enjoy it by oneself, no need to look for a partner.

Play without stepping out of the comfort of one’s home.

These are self-challenging exercises where one can choose one’s own level.

So many benefits and all for —


Advantages: –

These games improve your thinking skills, ability to plan, decision-making capabilities, reaction time, short-time memory.

Even, power to analyse situations is greatly enhanced.

Dearies, all this happens while you are just playing games, imagine you don’t even realize and your brain is improving!


Also, once you start seeing the results, let me tell you, friends, you will get addicted to these games. So much better than watching mundane shows online.

Some recommendations: –

There are a whole lot of games to choose from, here I am sharing some links that will help.

www.arkadium.com is a wonderful site, offering free brain games online. Puzzles, Memory games, Solitaire, Scrabble, even Mahjong and Poker. You don’t even need to download it. Of course, internet connectivity is required.

Do download the Brain Training app  www.cogniFit.com, there are some great games that you will enjoy, go for whatever enthuses you, keep at it, and see the difference they make to your vocabulary, mental mathematics, reaction time!

I have downloaded Word Collect, Sudoku, Scrabble, and Calm from the App store, to keep me going whenever I have to just pass time.

Reference: Are you going Bananas in these Covid Times??? My blog posted on October, 2020.

Happy gaming friends,

never feel bored,

enhance your mental prowess,


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