17 Mar, 21

Secrets to keep……The BRAIN razor SHARP!

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Secrets to keep……The BRAIN razor SHARP!

As we advance in age, we start feeling that we are forgetting things, are not as sharp, and are losing edge! No doubt a sharp brain is an asset, however, one needs to work on it consciously.

Friends, here I am sharing just FIVE simple secrets to help you remain alert and astute forever.

1) Learn something new every single day: –

A sure-shot way to improve memory and to exercise the brain…. try to learn a new quotea dialogue from a movie, a couplet, a joke, anything that catches your fancy, and recite it whenever you get an opportunity. Not only will it help improve the memory, but you will become a good conversationalist too!

Today I learned the dialogue from the movie ANAND, “Babumoshai, zindgi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi.”….and, now I am itching to use it!

Hmmmmmm……Forgot Name

2)Do try to remember people’s names: –

I have been teaching in a college for the past 20 years, I never made an effort to remember my students’ names, my colleagues who make it a point to address their students by their names are certainly more popular.

I have realized that people remember you and like you if you address them by their name, they feel, you are interested in them as a person. Now, I am seriously working on this aspect.

The best way to remember names is when one is meeting someone for the first time, start addressing them by their name during the conversation instead of using the word YOU, friends, it works!

3)Focus on the present moment: –

Even when a conversation is not of my interest, I try to listen carefully with full attention, I try to participate, letting people know, I am there, I have not switched off!

Remain aware of your surroundings, observe and notice things/people around you.

Many times, on returning from a movie/ shopping spree, I used to find it difficult to locate my car in the parking lot; now I carefully notice the surroundings after I park, it really, works, I walk straight back to my car.

4)Assign time for self-development: –

Spend at least an hour on mental exercises like meditation, self-introspection, book reading, enjoying nature, whatever works for you.

I love to sit in my small garden with my Golden Retriever, LEO, just observing the birds/ butterflies/ flowers and the greenery!

It helps in quieting the mind, soothing my nerves and generally makes me feel relaxed.

5)Let go of all negativity: –

Like in the movie “Jab we met”, write down on a piece of paper your complaint, worry, failure of life,” burn the paper, and flush it down.

Friends, it really feels good seeing things that bother you going up in smoke!

So therapeutic, mind gets free for positivity and new ideas!

Dearies, I too learnt this secret, rather late in life,

however, as they say, better late than never,

try it friends, and do write your comments,

is it working for you too?


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