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So apt is our Indian saying,” One enjoys the Interest much more than the Principle”, referring to our boundless love for our Grandchildren!

One looks forward to this stage of life with great anticipation, however friends, like everything in today’s fast-paced world, grandparenting too has changed so much.

New challenges for the grandparents: –

Our society is no more what it used to be say 20-25 years back.

1) Now a day’s most couples decide to have children only when they are in their late twenties, even mid-thirties, they are not as naïve and clueless as we were in our times.

2) Google madam and so many parenting sites are there to guide/ educate the new parents.

3) Pediatricians’ advice is certainly very important and should be followed. They are qualified professionals, even when they themselves may not have much personal child-rearing experience! 

Grandparents must reinvent themselves:

I this scenario friends, we must keep pace with times, we certainly don’t want to be considered outdated. we need to prepare ourselves in advance.

A) Reading up books on grand parenting is a good idea. Here are some recommendations:

*The Grandparents Handbook, by Elizabeth Laban.

*Chicken Soup for the Grandma’s Soul.

*Grandma’s Bag of Stories by Sudha Murty.

I am surprised to see there are no books on Grandparenting by Indian authors!

B) Do learn about the new techniques, e.g. we used to make our babies sleep on their stomachs as they sleep better in this position. Now since 1995, the National Institute of child health & human development (NICHD) recommends that up to one-year-old babies must sleep on their back, it reduces the risk of suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDs). Do check out the NICHD site to be up to date and indianparenting.com.

C)         For me, till this stage of life was in the distant future, I never showed much interest nor tried to be involved with my friends/colleagues who were experiencing the ups and downs of being grandparents, rather I would mentally switch off when someone would go gaga about their grandkids!

Now that mine are on the horizon I am all ears to anyone willing to share their experiences.

Dearies, it’s always good to have patience and remain involved, after all, we too will go through the same stages of life.   

  Grandparents are so very special: –

It is an accepted fact that children who grow up with grandparents around, grow up to be well-adjusted adults. There is nothing like the experience we grandparents bring along, the values we instill, the sense of security we provide, stability in relationships, and the kind of love we give to our grandkids.

Just by being there as and when we are needed,

Our unwavering love and affection,

Our very presence in their lives,

Is so good for us and for our new generation,

Let’s enjoy this great relationship,


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