22 Feb, 21

SECRETS that ensure…..You are NOTICED!

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Friends, after a certain age Men and Women become almost invisible!

No, not like in the movie “Mr. India”, but generally in life. It’s as if people look through you, past you. One feels ignored, redundant, not of much use to the people around and to society in general.

Why it happens?

With age, our hormones are not there, to keep us pepped up, to make us look good, and to help us feel good; this is especially true for women. Our body metabolism slows down as we tend to become less active, we burn lesser calories, put on weight and that leads to even lesser outdoor activities……A VICIOUS CYCLE sets in.

What it does??

Our BODY SHAPE changes, our skin loses its youthfulness and charm, hair too becomes dull, thin, and insipid.

MENTAL FOCUS shifts from other interests to health issues. Have you noticed that at this stage of life most of the time we are discussing our medical problems and other woes.

Ladies end up discussing domestic help and in-laws and men talk about their finances and health issues! Tell me Dearies, who is interested in such a talk?


I am sharing just 3 SECRETS, that will change the way people perceive you: –

Take a deep breath, chin up, pull your shoulders back, chest out and tummy in, stand tall, sit erect. Practice good body posture. Practice a shift from slouching, tired stance to a smart and aware look!

I assure you friends; you will feel TWENTY years Younger and TEN kgs. Lighter!


Walk and talk with enthusiasm, convey that you have a purpose in life. Walk smartly as though you are heading out for an important job.

Talk like you are there in the moment, show interest in other people’s lives, know what is happening around you.

Just watch how people will be drawn to you!

SECRET#3 Even if one has to practice it in front of a mirror, do it. Have a pleasant expression on your face, a small smile on the countenance means, “I am at peace and I know the secret of happiness”.  Have you noticed? the picture of a saint, a national hero, a celebrity, our own pictures, that are good, are all with a smile and a pleasant expression!

It’s that simple friends, come, try it out, I am at it,


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