16 Feb, 21

Health insurance companies….thriving on our fears?

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Friends, all of us dread illness, hospitalization, exorbitant medical bills, and dependency on our near and dear ones! Our fear and concerns are there because we don’t want to be a burden to our kith and kin.

We want to be able to afford good medical treatment and care.

Now enter the Health insurance companies and their agents, playing blatantly on our inherent insecurities and fear, especially if the children are living away, in another part of the world.

All the hidden caveats, fine print, and clauses are conveniently suppressed, emphasis is laid on the amount for which one is covered, the so-called ease of getting the treatment, tax benefits, discounts etc. etc.

Friends, the real picture emerges only; –

When one is faced with a medical condition,

When one is down emotionally and physically,

When one is in such a condition that one is forced to just leave things to fate and GOD!


I live in a good locality of Delhi with my husband, both of us have worked hard, led a disciplined life with the goal to enjoy a relaxed life in our golden years. Our children are well settled living their own independent lives.

We invested in a high-end health Insurance policy with Max Bupa ten years ago. With God’s grace both of us are healthy, never had to put in any claim all these years.


Last month, I had to undergo Cataract Surgery, a very normal and expected procedure. The Doctor recommended good quality TORIC lens, which is quite expensive. Now tell me friends, who will go for a regular Lens when something better ensuring better results is available and is recommended by the specialist?

Naturally I opted for the best, and guess what?

Max Bupa (a big name), paid me less than 1/3rd the cost of my surgery, while I paid continuously for the past ten years without staking any claim.


I am trying to contact the insurance company, I am unable to talk to any person, only call center employees, who keep sending me in circles, they themselves are clueless I guess.

Sent mails to MAX BUPA Customer Care website for resolving the claim issue, I get only auto-generated emails in response giving the service request no., nothing else. I have been pursuing it for the past three weeks, no luck so far.


*Should I continue the policy or quit?

*If I quit, another company may not provide me the health cover as age is against me.

*If I change to another company, what will be the experience? Am I jumping out of the frying pan into the fire?

*Should I just save all the money that I am paying to these Vultures and face the situation if and when a medical need arises?

I am totally foxed and confused,

Looking for your advice,

Your experiences, your recommendations, do help me out!


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