12 Feb, 21

Valentine’s Day….A novel way to celebrate!

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Friends, why so much hoo-ha around the V-day? Why restrict the expression of love to Romantic love only? Some of us might be in the single-status phase of life, maybe out of choice, may be out of compulsion.                                    Why should anyone feel excluded at this time of the year? when spring is around the corner, there is magic in the air, let’s celebrate by nurturing our relationships….

Valentine’s day is celebration of love in all forms!

1) Writing small notes of appreciation to the elders of the family, siblings, relatives, friends, maybe even to the colleagues and neighbors is a sure-shot way to generate good vibes and positive feelings. Go ahead just try, you will be amazed by the smiles you will receive.

Hope you have already procured some nice letter-pads with matching envelops.

2) Sending flowers to someone who is going through a tough phase of life or a thoughtful little gift to a person leading a lonely life, even spending some time with an elderly neighbor will positively pep up the receiver as well as the giver, make someone’s day with a little act of generosity. What a lovely way to celebrate human love and affection!

3) Since I am a diehard fan of my Golden retriever, I am planning to pamper him, treat him to a nice warm water bath, he is my Valentine this year. Nobody else can give such unadulterated love and affection!          I plan to give the treats that my Leo enjoys, to the street dogs as well, what fun!

4) What can be better than loving your own self? Go ahead, create a warm lively atmosphere at home with lights, candles and flowers. Plan an imaginative dinner, do take out your fine crockery, set up the dining table nicely for yourself. Some wine and soothing music will set the tone.

5) Don’t be lazy, do dress up, to please your own self. We ladies always have plenty of pinks and reds in our wardrobe, pull them out, match them up, get into the mood.                         Men can don smart, vibrant scarves and bright socks look very dapper. Get into “the top of the world” feeling, pamper yourself.

Lastly friends, don’t forget to express gratitude and love to the God almighty. We are able to enjoy life, can afford to be good to others, are capable of bring happiness and cheer into the lives of others only because God has been kind to us. So, remain rooted, be humble.  

Do share your personal experiences,

What did you do on this Valentine’s day?

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