09 Feb, 21

Valentine’s Day…… Shop online….. GET SET!

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Friends after a serious topic about the lessons from COVID-19, I am shifting tack as the much-hyped Valentine’s day is around the corner. In our times this day was unheard of, even now in many parts of our country, it is frowned upon and is regarded as a western influence on our culture.

“Valentines day is for the youngsters”, says WHO?

All of us has gone through some harrowing times, now that the Covid-19 situation seems to be under control, let’s not miss any opportunity to celebrate life.

Say BOOOO to age, stage of life, place!

Let the young brats enjoy the roller coaster ride….

Rose day, Chocolate day, Hug day, Propose day, and what not? We have lived a fulfilling life, we are happy to be healthy and kicking, we will have fun in our own special way.

Let’s get SET & GO!

One can celebrate the V day with family and friends, it’s a celebration of love, irrespective of the relationships.

*I love cuddling up with my Golden retriever, LEO, he is truly my valentine, who else can love me and adore me so unconditionally! I have ordered a red and golden-colored collar for him with a matching leash, hopefully, it will soon be delivered.

*While surfing the internet, I found some nice letter-pads with matching envelopes and an interesting glitter pen set in vibrant colors. Placing my order soon.

Friends, you might find some amazing stuff on the following sites. Eassymall.comHamleys.inAmazon.in. In case you come across good sites, do share.

Funky tea and coffee mugs are another item that I am looking for, I spotted mugs with heart shaped handles, red coloured ones with tiny hearts, his and her mugs and many more options are there. Do check out, Chumbak.comFernsnpetals.comFlipcart.com.

Buy some cute cuddly stuffed toys or cushions, let me tell you, dearies, these are so comforting, there is nothing childish about them. Anyway, as they say,” keep the child in you alive.”

Hamleys.inAmazon.inWish.com are some of the sites offering great stuff.

And do take out your Diwali and Xmas lights. If you are in the mood, go for heart shaped lights, fragrant red candles, and some pink/red flowers.

Plan for the V day in advance:

Friends, we ourselves have to pep up our own life,

Plan ahead an imaginative menu for dinner,

Take out a peppy outfit,

Get set for the event,


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