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Now that the Corona cases are quite under control in India, friends let’s not forget the lessons this pandemic has taught us. We have paid a very heavy price, lost one and a half lakh people in India; in the USA, already the toll has reached four and a half lakhs.

Cleanliness and Hygiene:

1)   Though the masks are still essential, we must learn to always keep a clean handkerchief/tissue paper handy to use it while sneezing, clearing the throat, blowing the nose, and yawning even at home while interacting with family and friends, even when no one is around, let’s make it a habit.


2)   During the Pandemic we all started keeping the outdoor footwear out of the house, it’s such a good practice. Our ancestors always followed the rules, outdoor shoes never entered the home. A great custom to follow.  

3)   Proper hand and face wash on entering the home, certainly helps in keeping germs in check. We must continue this practice, so much more hygienic!

4)   Avoid unnecessarily touching the eyes, nose, mouth, and face. Keeping hair tied up/ in place with a hairband is a good practice that Covid-19 has inculcated in us, so just continue!

5). Covid or no Covid, maintaining a safe distance especially from outsiders and strangers is another good strategy worth continuing with.

Humility and Humanity:

1)   When the Pandemic was raging, we stood by the elderly in our neighborhood, helping them procure daily need items, their banking jobs and even looking after their health requirements.  


2)   All of us tried to help out the needy and the poor, donated food, clothing even medicines, many of my friends were feeding the stray dogs too.

3)   We paid salaries to our domestic help and staff even when they could not come for work. Especially the ironing fellows, gardeners, drivers, part-time helpers were all quietly badly affected during the lockdown period. We all pitched in to help them out.

Friends let’s not give up these good values of caring for each other, it so happens that when there is a crisis we all rise to the occasion and deal with it. However, as soon as the distressing situation improves, we slip back to our selfish ways.

Family Bonding:

1)  In many  Indian households, men don’t pitch in to do the household chores, but during this Pandemic with no outside domestic help, children and men too took on the responsibilities, many have learned to cook, use a washing machine, make a decent cup of tea and coffee, and they are loving it, it surely creates great bonding so DO CONTINUE!


2)  Since we spent so much time together locked up in our homes, together as a family, we are playing games, watching television, fighting, and resolving issues like never before.

Instead of being solitary individuals, now we are close-knit units, why give up this great opportunity to enjoy each other’s company?

3)  Working from home, restricted external human interaction, no travel, no eating out, no gym, no movies, all this has certainly made us realize the value of our own family. Corona has been a great teacher.

Life lessons:

1)  Running after wealth, status and power is meaningless, we have learned to cherish and value the people around us. We know that cultivating and maintaining good human relations is so important.

2)  Value the freedom that we enjoy, do remain mindful of other’s rights too. Let’s not start taking the freedom to move around, to be able to meet family and friends, shopping, travel, etc. for granted.

3)  We have faced the fear of illness and death, we know how vulnerable we humans are?  We have been through the phase when any kind of physical expression of love and kindness could jeopardize the health of our near and dear ones.

4)  Do you remember? When we were under lockdown, the sky became so clear, air quality improved, birds started chirping, it was as though nature was rejuvenating itself.

Friends, let’s be mindful of our environment, let’s not pollute, after-all clean environment is good for our own health.

Friends, if we want to live a peaceful life,

in harmony with our fellow beings and with nature,

if we do not wish to face another dire situation like this PANDEMIC,

we must not forget the lessons we have learnt at such a great cost.

Do share your views friends,

What’s your take?,


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