29 Jan, 21


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Ladies, it’s the toughest job for us women to edit our wardrobe, but trust me you will be so much happier once you get down to do it.

Steps to be taken:

*Choose the looks you want to create and are comfortable with.

*Do not try to imitate others.

*Do not try to follow trends, you are YOU.

*Be ready to take some hard decisions, one has to be ruthless while pruning.

*Try to have your own unique STYLE.

I have carved out these FIVE LOOKS for myself:

WESTERN LOOK- This look is perfect for those informal lunches with friends, picnics, a shopping spree, or just a stroll in the park.

A pair or two of well-fitting jeans, a few t-shirts, a black shirt, and a white shirt is all that is required.

INDOWESTERN WEAR- Wide bottomed trousers, cigarette pants and slacks with long kurtis or tops in stylish cuts are so versatile, a smart scarf draped stylishly gives the outfit a chic appearance.

Beige, white and black colors, interesting

    stripes and checks paired with bright scarfs   offer quite a few mix and match options.

TRADITIONAL INDIAN OUTFITS- Nothing is more alluring than a woman wearing an exquisite, traditional, heritage saree, the vivid, vibrant colors look awesome at any age. I always feel good about myself whenever I don an Uppada, Kanjiwaram, Banarsi, Paithani, Patan Patola or a Dhakai Jamdani. A smart blouse gives it a contemporary look, it’s so cool especially during celebration times.         

SMART&TRENDY STREET WEAR- Palazzos with stylish knee length tops teamed with a flowing matching dupatta look quite elegant for daily wear. I love natural fabrics; synthetics are a total no no for me.

COMFORTABLE HOME WEAR- Now a days, we end up spending so much more time at home, friends I like to remain comfortable yet stylish. So, a wrap around skirt teamed with a t-shirt, slacks with Lucknowi kurtis and kaftans are my favourite.

In total I need about fifty garments, a couple of shawls, some woollens, just two jackets and a warm coat. It will all fit in quite nicely in an average sized cupboard where each item will be easily accessible.

Presently, it appears to be a daunting task,

However, I will do it,

After that, it’s going to be, buy one dress, discard one.

Wish me success, friends,


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