23 Jan, 21

Simple Life = Minimalistic Life

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*How many times have you spent hours looking for something that you kept away safely to be used later on a special occasion? Only to find it when that moment is gone!!

*How frustrated you felt when your cupboards overflow, but you can’t find anything appropriate to wear for a particular event?

*How bad you felt for not being able to locate that Volini spray for your mother when she got a bad muscle pull in the middle of the night? Despite excruciating pain, she had to wait till you got one from the chemist the next morning.


Friends, so often we all have faced such situations. Not only do we waste time and energy, but we also end up feeling incompetent, irritated, and angry with our own selves.

I am sure, you have already guessed what I am trying to get at?

Over a period of time, we accumulate so much extra stuff that our important things get buried underneath all the inconsequential, mundane stuff.


These COVID times have certainly put a stop to my unmindful shopping to a great extent. Earlier I would visit exhibitions, fairs, sales, telling myself,” I am going just to check out what is new? what is trending? I am not going to buy anything”, and I would come out with bags full, convinced that I have been very smart, I have shopped for only the most exquisite stuff, that too at a bargain price!

Now, there are no parties, no functions, no celebrations, no outings, and no travel, all that is a thing of the past.

Five months back I wrote this blog… Declutter your home to de-stress!

Even after going through the whole exercise, I feel, I still own too much extra stuff.


To embrace minimalistic living, I must be able to manage my material processions, keep them to the bare minimum, just the basic, essentially required items, rest have to be discarded/ donated.

*If I am going to use something, once in a blue moon,….out it goes.

*If I buy two new T-shirts, two old ones ……must go out.

Friends, I am starting with the clothes; for us Indian women, it’s really a tough task to downsize our wardrobe.

We have to have western wear, indo-western wear, traditional Indian attire and also some comfortable casual wear. Recently I came across this term the “CAPSULE WARDROBE”, I am seriously working on creating a comprehensive list of must-have clothing items so that I can be a well turned out lady with my own unique style, without spending too much time, energy and money.

Do look out for my next blog on essentials every woman must have for creating an imaginative, smart, and easy to put together LOOK!


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