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In this blog friends, I am sharing with you, how I am working my way towards my goal of living a simple life. After reflecting on my life’s journey so far and after an in-depth study of the subject I have narrowed it down to:  

The 5 things, I do not need from now on!

A)   GUILT: If I had not sent my sons abroad for studies, we would have been together as a family in these stressful times.

If I had been more involved in the treatment of my ailing parents, maybe they would have lived a little longer.

There are thousand and one things in our lives that we feel guilty about, even when we know that the past cannot be changed, guilt keeps pulling us down.

I am not going to roll in guilt, I will move ahead, I did what I did to the best of my capability at that point in time.


B)   EXPECTATIONS: When my husband was posted out to a non-family station, I went through a tough phase, few of our so-called good friends didn’t offer any help what so ever.

When my mother was having a harrowing time undergoing treatment for cancer, some of our close relatives didn’t even enquire about her welfare.

To date these incidents bother me, maybe my expectations were high, maybe some of them just didn’t realize that their apathy was so hurtful.

I have learned to tone down my expectations even from my near and dear ones.

This is a baby step towards leading a simple life.


C)  WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK? Oh, I have to attend a close family friend’s cremation ceremony even in these COVID times, otherwise, what will people think? I will be perceived as an unsocial person.

I must give a high-value gift to “so and so”, as per the norms, under societal pressure, even when I can ill afford it.

Far into our lives we try to live, behave and act in a certain manner just because other’s opinions matter to us.

No, not any more, my friends, I will be true to myself and true to my conscience, period!


People’s opinion ( Pinterest pic))

D)  GIVING JUSTIFICATION: I don’t need to justify my actions to anyone. After my retirement, I decided to switch over to a relaxed pace of life. I am reading books, blogging, catching up with friends, doing some gardening, and taking care of my own well being, this is enough for me at the moment.

 I find this quote by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam so apt!        

E)   BEING NORMAL: Friends, each person is special, there is no normal! We are humans with our own characteristics, values, quirks, defects, and idiosyncrasies, we are not mass-produced Chinese goods. We don’t have to conform to any man-made parameters or standards.




Do you agree my dearies? Do share your thoughts!


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