09 Jan, 21


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Friends, in my blog posted on Dec.31st, I told you, I will not make a list of resolutions, only to feel bad about not sticking to them!

Here, I am sharing with you all, just one most important thing that I will try my level best to accomplish….

I am all set to embrace a SIMPLE way of LIFE! Towards this goal, after great deliberation,

I have dug out these SEVEN NUGGETS,

I am consciously incorporating these into my daily routine.


I am thankful that despite the scary, strugleful, distressing times we all faced, I and my near and dear ones are safe and healthy. Every single day before sleeping, I feel grateful for all the good that is there in my life, I thank God for surrounding me with a caring, loving family, and friends.


Since life has been kind to me, I must be compassionate to those who are less fortunate. Every single day, it’s my duty to do some act of generosity; be it anything, my time, my advice, monetary help, or just some encouraging words.

Friends, just a week into it and I have realized that it gives ME so much satisfaction, so much happiness, I am doing it for my own self.

“Maun” as the sages say,” is creating a healing space for self”. My dears, since I suffer from Tinnitus; my silence is never silent, however just sitting still with no ambient noise is so therapeutic. I feel rejuvenated, literally, it feels like my cells are mending! JUST TRY, experience it for yourself.


This is another quality that I am trying to inculcate. I do things in a hurry, in the process I get worked up and tend to lose my temper. Even small mundane things like if the person in front of me is driving too slowly if someone is working in slow motion, if I have to wait despite taking a prior appointment, put me into a HYPER MODE.

Now, consciously I try to be patient, it certainly lowers my stress level, I am more at peace and am more relaxed.


They say LAUGHTER is the best medicine! I used to find it quite stupid when I would see people practicing laughter therapy.

I remember the days when we were young, we used to laugh and giggle so much. Why have we moved away from life’s simple pleasures? Why do we don a serious face when a laughing one is so beautiful!

Henceforth, I WILL catch the fleeting moments of mirth, laugh out loud on funny scenes on the TV, on a hilarious joke even on a child’s antics.

Friends, laughter is contagious, one or two bouts a day certainly makes one feel GREAT.


Dearies, already I am seeing the stars in my loved one’s eyes!

We love our partner, we are prepared to do anything for our children, grandchildren, even our pet yet we shy away from expressing our feelings. I don’t remember when I last hugged and said “I love you” to my grown-up sons, my husband, my sisters, my old parents. By nature, we are not demonstrative.

Well, I have decided, now onwards I will express my love and affections.

Dearies, already I am seeing stars in my loved one’s eyes!


I will not compromise my inherent core values whatever the temptation. I will not twist facts, nor will I tell lies, just to squirm out of a sticky situation, I will not deceive anyone for any kind of personal gain, I will not break trust.

In short, I pledge to play a fair game in life!

Friends, this is just the beginning,

I will not run after the material things,

I will appreciate GOD given things, they are FREE,

I am all set to enjoy an uncomplicated, simple life,

Wish me success, and DO JOIN ME,


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