31 Dec, 20

GoodBye 2020….Hello 2021

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The whole world is eager to bid adieu to the pandemic year.

BYE BYE 2020

You have been a very difficult and traumatic year, you gave us a lifetime experience that we could not imagine in our worst dreams, that we will never ever forget, and that we will recount with sadness and horror to our future generations.

Friends, many of us have lost our near and dear ones, we feel we have been robbed of one whole year of our lives; not done anything worthwhile; economically we have suffered a massive setback. The pessimist in us warns us of a worse situation ahead, but, the optimist says, worst is over and good times are around the corner, what’s your take?

Dearies, just pause and think, all of us who are healthy,  those who suffered covid-19 and bounced back, how lucky we are? We have lived through this difficult year, we are alive and kicking!

Well, that’s an achievement. Count the blessings, friends.

This year 2020 has changed us all, for better or worse, it’s up to us to decide. We must not forget the valuable lessons that we have learned.


*I have learned to live and enjoy each day as it comes, no planning ahead; no b’day celebrations, no family get-togethers, no trips, no weddings, no functions, just learning to be happy with the daily mundane routine. Taking care of my health and keeping a close watch on my loved ones is my top priority.

*Now, I realize the value of the small pleasures of life that I took for granted earlier. Impromptu meeting with friends for coffee, window shopping with no intention to buy anything, all those trial sessions before buying a dress, going for work meeting colleagues, even going to the temple are all fraught with danger.

Masks and distancing are the norms now, making human interactions so difficult.


Oh dear 2021, please give me back my little pleasures!

*I have learned to appreciate solitude, a slower pace of life, and a basic lifestyle. Now I enjoy my meals leisurely, have read quite a few classics, also learned to be patient. I pause to admire nature, generally, I am more at peace with the world.

*Preparing a special Sunday dinner gives me happiness. Zoom calls with friends and relations are the highlight of the day, I love to dress up, prepare a cup of coffee and settle down comfortably beforehand, these calls are precious to me. I look forward to celebrating b’days and other occasions online, after all this is the new normal now.

HELLO 2021   

We are all set to welcome the new year that has come with the message of hope. On one hand, all these new vaccines show us a ray of hope, on the other hand, the mutant virus is posing an unforeseen threat.

Remaining optimistic, having a positive mindset, and keeping faith in Science will see us through these trying times!

Each new year gives us an opportunity to reset the button of our life, so let’s learn our lessons and move on.

This new year I am not sitting down to make a list of resolutions, I am just going to concentrate on one thing that I have been wanting to do and I will go for it with my heart and soul.

What is it? Well, I will share if some of you also share yours! Come on, when we share, we commit ourselves to make it a reality, we try harder and we succeed.

And I am going to celebrate this new year with the most special person in my life.

Friends, let’s usher in this New Year with hope in our hearts,

prayers on our lips,

and dreams of a better tomorrow in our eyes,

Welcoming the year 2021 with hope, faith and trust,


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