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5 Fun ways to enjoy the Xmas day!

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Now that our Xmas shopping is complete, friends, let’s get going. This is a beautiful festival, full of warmth and cheer. The Christmas tree, all decked up with stars, lights, red balls, bows, and the gifts wrapped in shimmery paper underneath, bright red poinsettias, holly, candles, cakes, and the works.

Xmas is the time for family bonding, decorating the home, organizing gifts for the family and friends, making goody bags to give away, watching a movie together, baking a nice cake, coating strawberries/ nuts/ apple wedges with chocolate, all these activities foster closeness, create harmony and strengthen family ties.


*We love to place our three-year-old, five feet tall Aurocaria tree, decked up to the T; in the corner of our living room, where we can see it from all sides. Gifts are the fun part, dearies, everyone loves presents, and a surprise is certainly so much more fun, we gift wrap the presents, place them below the Xmas tree, the anticipation and the thrill of opening a gift is worth all the extra effort that we put in.

*A small cluster of fresh Poinsettias in the veranda with LED lights flickering amongst them, look so welcoming. One may place a few spider lily or Jade plants in between; the whole arrangement is very easy to put together and looks awesome.

*Pep up the dining table with an imaginative centerpiece. I use a big serving tray and decorate it with soy wax candles, red-colored ones, faux poinsettias, and some stones; adding some greens and pine cones if you have, gives the arrangement a nice flip. just let loose your imagination.

*Ask Alexa to play lively Christmasy music, Xmas carols, or just some peppy music to create a festive atmosphere and cheerful mood.

There are great movies that one can enjoy with the family, just cuddle up in a cozy razai, wear comfy pajamas, munch popcorn, what fun. I have shortlisted some nice movies for you.

Check out on Amazon prime… A Christmas story, Elf, It’s a wonderful life, all are good.

Netflix offers Christmas with the Kranks, A Christmas Prince, The Grinch, and many more. A nice movie, family, warm welcoming home, and gifts, what more can one ask for?

*A car ride with the family is great fun, enjoy Xmas decorations/ lights put up in the public places, in your neighborhood, on the Government buildings and churches.

Don’t forget to take the Goody bags that you prepared for the poor and needy, distribute them to the kids you find on red-light crossings. This one activity is worth the effort, I feel great when I can make some kids happy.

Putting a smile on someone’s face is the best way to celebrate,

Wishing you all a Merry Xmas my friends,


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