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How PESTICIDES in food are harming us!

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Do you know there is a CANCER TRAIN running from Punjab’s Bhatinda city, taking hundreds of poor patients mostly farmers to Bikaner in Rajasthan for subsidized treatment? ( Pic from World news report)

An alarming increase in Cancer cases is being reported even amongst people who do not chew tobacco, do not Smoke, are not even exposed to any kind of radiation, and have no family history.

Common food items laced with Pesticides:

Every year since 2004, The Environment Working Committee (EWG) using data from the USA Department of agriculture, makes a list of foods called the DIRTY DOZEN, these are the food items that need lots of pesticides to grow them and a CLEAN LIST that includes food with little or no pesticides. Do check out the 2020 lists friends.

Our body needs vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in our diet, the dirty dozen food items, though have pesticides, they still give us the nutritional benefits so essential for us. Also, there is no solid evidence to prove that they are the ones causing cancer.

Friends, in my previous blog about artificially ripened fruits, I have already given ways to get rid of the harmful chemicals that are found on the fruits and vegetables.

So, increased cancer risk is to the farmers who are spraying pesticides on their crops!

This is the classic case friends; where the poor farmer is paying the price with his health so we can get the food of our choice on our table.

How can we help our farmers?

*Let’s shop smart, try to consume more from the clean list, lesser of the dirty dozen.

*Go for the organic produce even when we have to pay a slightly higher price. It will stop unmindful and excessive pesticide usage.

*Buy local, the vegetables and fruits that have to be carried over a long distance are more expensive, cannot be very fresh and most probably chemicals have been used to keep them looking good.

*Buy seasonal; in-season produce that is normally organic. Farmers try to grow vegetables ahead of time or well beyond the season so as to fetch a better price, however, for that, they have to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

*Even frozen food like peas, corn, tomatoes, and others are picked in the season only, to freeze; they are any day better than the out of season produce.

Let’s not create economic pressure whereby our farmers are tempted to use these harmful chemicals, just to pamper us, let’s not play with the poor farmer’s health, these chemicals are harming them so much.

I hope, I have been able to help you realise our duty towards our farmers,

Friends, we owe it to them….


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