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Friends, how many times have you had sleepless nights? Lying awake, fretting, trying to reign in your thoughts and mind especially when you are worked up about an issue, are stressed out, are worried about something, or are simply angry.

Our brain is like a monkey, never still, always jumping from one thought to the other. If you surf the net you will find quite a few techniques to make you sleep fast; these methods recommend inhaling and exhaling with counts, making certain sounds while breathing, basically encouraging you concentrate on your breathing so that the mind doesn’t wander, it helps to still the mind and calm it down.

THREE DON’Ts to still the naughtyMONKEY:

1)Don’t allow unwanted thoughts like embarrassing incidents of the past, past hurts, future worries, forward planning, etc. bother you, instead try to calm your mind.

2)Don’t play videogames, stop checking on social media, or surfing the net ever so frequently, especially before sleeping just switch off your devices, nothing so important is happening that can’t wait till morning, refrain from being a FOMO (fear of missing out) afflicted person.

3)Don’t try too hard to sleep, read a real book (no kindle), comfortably tucked in your bed. It always works, as you feel sleepy, just switch off the bedside lamp and wander into dreamland!

Now that the mind is at peace, let’s make the right atmosphere to welcome SLEEP.

The sleep-inducing hormone MELATONIN also called the hormone of darkness, is secreted by a tiny gland called the Pineal gland only when there is darkness.

THREE DOs’ to welcome SLEEP

1)Ensure total darkness in the bedroom before you lie down to sleep…. No flickering lights from the set-top box, cell phone, charging devices, or Alexa. Draw the curtains so that there is complete darkness to allow the release of Melatonin.

2)Try to keep regular timings for sleeping and for waking up, otherwise, our body will be in jetlag mode, not good for the Hormone of darkness so essential for sleep! The Pineal gland also regulates the sleep-wake cycle so regular timings do make sense!

3)It’s important to keep the bedroom temperature a little on the cold side, our body temperature lowers down while sleeping so a warm bedroom feels hot. A cool room where one can snuggle up in a warm Jaipuri razai induces good sleep.

So, dearies, science, and sleep are so closely linked that SLEEP SCIENCE is a whole big topic!

Still sometimes if you can’t sleep for more than half an hour, get up, get out of the bed, go to another room and do something relaxing—for me reading a book or playing solitaire with real playing cards or just listening to some soothing music works.

Do share your own special tricks friends,

how do you manage the nights, when sleep eludes?

Eagerly awaiting your comments,


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