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Why SLEEP is so important?

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There was a time friends when I could sleep any time for any number of hours, rather it was a joke in our house, where is Renuka? Haven’t seen her after lunch and my sisters would quip,” must be sleeping”. On waking up, I would feel so guilty as though I had committed a crime!

Wish I had known at that time, how beneficial this sleep is, would have given them a befitting answer. Though most probably it was sheer laziness and boredom that was the culprit, at least my mother said so.

Well, now I realize what a boon it is to be able to sleep well.

If one has a fever, an allergic reaction, pain, or any other ailment, Doctors always recommend medicines plus lots of rest and sleep, ever wondered WHY?


*Our breathing and even the heartbeat slows down, our muscles relax, this is when our body rejuvenates itself by redirecting all this saved energy to heal itself, makes sense?

*In sleep mode, our body can fight infections better the healing process improves and medicines are more effective when we sleep.

*Vaccines too work better; it has been scientifically proven that the Swine flu (H1N1) and the Hepatitis vaccines provide better immunity to people who sleep well the night after vaccination.

Friends this shows quite conclusively that sleep helps boost immunity, allows vaccines to do their job better.

*Our Immune system directly affects our health and good sleep improves immunity, obviously Sleep is important for our well-being.

*Melatonin the sleep hormone is produced naturally at night, it helps in reducing stress.


Besides the fact that while sleeping, we can’t be engaged in any bad habits, no unnecessary gossip, no bitching, no smoking or drinking, no wasting time  on the TV/internet,

However friends, reading my blog is not wasting time!

A good night’s sleep is a great MOOD ENHANCER, once in a while all of us go through a bad day and are ill-tempered if we have not slept well.

When sleep eludes, one feel lethargic, tired, DEVOID OF ENERGY after a night of tossing and turning in bed, it’s certainly is a nightmare.  

DEPRESSION and a general feeling of mental fatigue are so common amongst those who suffer insomnia over long periods of time.

People with erratic sleep patterns and those who travel across the world often experience jetlag. They are the ones who suffer more from various kinds of ALLERGIES, also their allergic reactions are more severe.

Now that we understand the importance of sleep, Dearies, there is no need to be sheepish if sometimes you oversleep, especially if you have not been partying the previous night.

Just know that your body is mending itself,

So, sleep tight and wake up bright,


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