02 Dec, 20

7 QUESTIONS to be asked before going for COVID-19 VACCINATION?

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Friends, many of you found my last blog to be full of optimism, this one is more on a pragmatic note. 🤔

The scientists, doctors and the vaccine manufactures are all going gaga over the fact that the Pandemic will be under control as soon as the vaccines will be rolled out. Everyone is talking about the efficacy levels, cost factor, storage conditions, transportation logistics, who will get it first etc. etc.

None of the heavy weights have any clear-cut answers to many of the relevant questions, authorities are most probably skirting the pertinent issues, may be there is no clarity as yet, and we the common people are confused, but are hoping for the best!           


7 IMPORTANT questions that need to be answered: –

*After getting the vaccination, for how long will I remain immune…3 months? 6 months? A year? Lifetime?

*Are there any side effects? If yes, what should I be prepared for?

*If the virus mutates, will the same vaccine still protect me?

*Can people with other pre-existing medical conditions take the vaccine safely?

*Will the vaccines using the mRNA technology affect the human genome in the long run? Is it safe for  the youngsters in reproductive age?

*Are they all two dose vaccines? or single dose ones are also on the horizon?

*Which vaccine should one go for? Will I have a choice?

BEING OPTIMISTIC is great, and HOPE is what keeps us going,

Many vaccines are on the horizon, but as they say there are many a slip between the cup and the lip!

So, dear friends, answer the QUESTION with all honesty, if you are given the chance….WILL YOU TAKE IT?

Just answer…..YES or NO

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