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Health And Vitamin D / Vitamin D3

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Isn’t it ironic that in our sunshine country, as many as 40% to 80% of Indians of all age groups suffer from Vit.D&D3 deficiency?

Vit.D3 is the REAL sunshine vitamin, our body produces it when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from the SUN.

Vitamin D (actually the D2) we get from wild mushrooms and fortified milk/ milk products, orange juice, oil, wheat flour, rice flour. It is needed to treat: – Rickets, low levels of Thyroid hormone, and low phosphorus in the blood.

Vitamin D3 is available for free in our country, still, a big chunk of our population is unaware of the fact that they are suffering from D3 deficiency.

How Vitamin D3 affect us?

*Low levels of D3, may cause, weak bones due to lack of Calcium, leading to OSTEOPOROSIS.

*One may suffer from Skin and Hair issues, also muscle weakness if D3 is low.

*Increased Auto-immune diseases, Heart diseases, Tuberculosis, even some types of cancer are due to insufficient Vit.D3 levels.

*Depression, Mental disorders, and the dreaded Parkinson’s disease might be a result of low levels of this important Vitamin.

Why are we deficient in Vitamin D?

a. People living in the hills absorb lesser Solar rays as the rays reach them at an angle.

b. More the air pollution lesser the rays, lesser the D3 formation.

c. Extensive use of the Sunscreen is another culprit that reduces the formation of Vit.D3.

d. Dark skinned people need more exposure than the light skinned ones.

e. Age, body weight and the physical activity too have an impact.

Friends, we Indians shun nature’s bounty, we love to remain indoors in our man-made cocoon of comfort, no wonder we have to pop pills and suffer the consequences!

We are so besotted with the fair skin that we avoid going out in the SUN.

Remember friends, you will have your quota of Vit. D3, much before you get a tan or a sunburn.

Steps to take: –

Dearies, regular exposure of just 10 to 30 minutes any time between 10:00 am to 3:00 pm when the ultraviolet rays are intense is sufficient to get enough Vit.D3 in a natural way.

In addition, you may include Fish oil, fatty fish like Sardines, Salmon, Tuna and Egg yolk in your diet Organic food that seniors should include in their diet in winters.

Let me assure you,

you will feel so energetic, upbeat and happy,

just ensure your happiness Vitamin levels up to the mark!


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