17 Nov, 20

How to beat AIR POLLUTION, the silent killer?

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Friends, the day after Diwali, air quality improved from hazardous to severe! This toxic air seriously affects even the healthy, young people, what to talk of the old and infirm with pre-existing conditions?

Every year around Diwali time, pollution levels go skyrocketing in North India. Air quality index measures the amount of particulate matter in the air; this AQI goes as high as 500-600 due to stubble burning, just before the wheat sowing season that starts by mid-November, and bursting crackers during Diwali add to the misery.

Just to emphasise the point, let’s look at some numbers.

In year 2019, when we didn’t even know what Corona is?

9,80,000 people died and 1,16,000 infants lost their lives in India because of high levels of air pollution, just imagine the loss, heartbreaking!

Total Deaths so far in India due to COVID19 as per the Arogya Setu data…. 1,31,000.

In such a grim scenario my friends, decide for yourself, what is a bigger threat? Let’s not take these statistics lightly, let’s be proactive, let’s try our level best to protect ourselves.

Here, I am sharing a few workable ways to combat the ill effects of this silent killer: –

*Let’s not do any strenuous exercises, no deep breathing, no cardio, no walking/ jogging out in the open, just some light stretching workout indoors only that too in a room where air quality is being monitored.

**Investing in an AIR PURIFIER is a good idea, check out Dyson pure cool air purifier, Phillips high-efficiency air purifier, Honeywell air touch i8, you may choose any one of these, I invested in the Dyson, got a great deal on Amazon. in during their Diwali sale.

Do keep in mind: – the area to cover, energy efficiency, noise level, and of course your budget.

***Another great option is to go for the 3M FILTRATE AIR POLLUTION FILTER, it converts your existing AC into an air purifier. These are quite cost-effective, order them online at Amazon. in.

Great for removing dust, pollen, and allergens, definitely improves the indoor air quality.

****Use  THE RECOMMENDED PLANTS to improve the indoor air quality and enjoy the healthy environment, dearies refer to my September 16 blog titled… Make use of the God given air purifiers!

Be aware, remain informed, do take steps to beat air pollution,

Enjoy healthy life,


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