13 Nov, 20

5 Easy Deepawali Decoration Ideas!

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Friends, we are in our hill home once again to escape Delhi pollution, the Internet here is extremely unreliable, hence a long gap. This is the first time in ten years that we are celebrating Diwali here.

Covid is teaching us unique ways, to celebrate and to decorate our homes with minimal external help.

Deepawali the festival of light, colors and sweets, has to be celebrated even when we are unable to physically meet our friends and relatives.

FIVE SIMPLE DECORATION IDEAS to create the Festive mood in every household: –

1) Rangoli is drawn by the family members at the entrance of the house to welcome goddess Laxmi. I can only make an easy design, I prefer natural colors of Haldi, Kumkum and Flour, interspersed with flower petals and diyas. It gives a nice earthy, festive feel. 

2) Decorated staircase and the pathways with Rose and Marigold petals, feels like we are showing way to the God’s blessings, our elder’s good wishes and the positive vibes, ushering them into our home. What a great feeling!

3) The good old way to light up the home is to make long Zero-watt bulb strings in red, green, warm yellow colors and just drape them around trees, plants in pots or as a garland at the main door.

4) For that warm festive look don’t forget to use the traditional brass uruli, just fill it with water, sprinkle whatever flowers are available, I love Champa flowers, float a tealight and voila you have an amazing floating flower arrangement.

     One can use any large, flattish vessel to create                 an imaginative piece.                                

5) My friends, even when we are not meeting people physically, do deck up, don your traditional attire, get ready to greet the Gods, to receive their benediction and to feel blessed.

Lastly friends, do buy earthenware Diyas, Lakshmi Ganesh idols and other local stuff,

say no to Chinese lights, decoration items and cheap plastic ware.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and hopeful Diwali,


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