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Online shopping during Lockdown Diwali Gifts

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Gifting is one single act that always brings a smile on the face of the giver as well as the receiver, and Deepawali is one occasion when gifts are exchanged with much gusto.

Friends, this time we have to contend with online shopping, let’s start placing orders so that our best wishes along with the gifts reach on time. Also, the sooner we send ours, better are the chances of reciprocations!


Dearies, by now we know that mindful gifting is an art, but how gracefully we accept and appreciate what we receive is also so important!

5 points to keep in mind while choosing a present:

*Your present must show that you have put in time and effort to choose it.    

*It should be something that can be used straight away.

*Follow the thumb rule, give what you will like to receive.

*Be imaginative, a simple and useful gift is always welcomed.

*Never ever recirculate a gift, if you do, have the decency to carefully remove all the previous name tags and repack it.

Great GIFT ideas to shop for online

Follow the advice and, let me assure you,

you will not go wrong!

SOY WAX CANDLES: are ecofriendly, all natural, low smoking and slow burning. Buy the scented ones, they surely make an imaginative and classy Diwali gift. Check out Kama Ayurveda, Ellimentry, Nicobar and Jaypore sites, all have amazing variety and such beautiful packaging. Go pamper your loved ones.

PLANTS: especially the flowering ones in terracotta pots, evergreens in ceramic containers, trays with miniature gardens make an excellent gift and the possibilities are endless. I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like plants.

Just visit a nursery close by, even in these Covid times, a plant nursery is a safe bet as compared to going to a market place and if you are fond of gardening maybe you can gift one of your creations.

CHOCOLATES: are an all-time favorite present, go for the best, giving a smaller but good quality gift is always appreciated than a huge packet with mediocre contents. Recently I discovered the ROYCE gourmet chocolates, their Nama and the truffles are out of this world. Friends do try them out, you will bless me for giving you the input.

DRY FRUITS: want to make an evergreen, safe choice? Go for good quality dry fruits, there is a wide variety for flavored nuts, amazing masala nuts, nuts coated with chocolate and what not. We are spoiled for choices, just make sure that you are not paying exorbitantly for packaging.

HOME MADE SAVOURIES: if you are a good cook, if you have specialized some particular savory, just go ahead prepare it, pack it nicely and gift it. These days everyone loves a good home made sweet, jam, cake, mathri whatever your friends and family keep asking you to prepare. Let me assure you there is no better present than something prepared by you with good ingredients and with love.

Happy online shopping Pals,

Get started, not much time is left,

Bye for now,


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