13 Oct, 20

Hey CORONAVIRUS when will you GO???

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Friends, one thing is sure- it will not just vanish one fine day, as many of us have been wishing for, nor will it go as soon as an effective vaccine is available. It will fizzle out eventually, partially due to the vaccine driven immunity, partly because the virus will mutate to a milder strain and, partly because we will have a better understanding of how to handle it efficiently. Though it might remain with us forever just like many others.

The Coronavirus has these three deadly traits: –

*It seriously affects the human health.

*It spreads fast amongst humans.

*Humans don’t have immunity against it.

All contributing towards turning it into a deadly pandemic.

Only parallel to it in history is the 1917 flu, and that took almost three years to go. Even then there was no vaccine, over a period of time it became just a seasonal flu strain as the herd immunity kicked in. The cost in terms of human life was, in crores.

Friends, this Covid-19 has reminded us that despite all the medical advancements, despite ground breaking research and, despite the cutting-edge technology, we still cannot consider ourselves safe from the new diseases. Time and again nature throws a nasty googly to fox us humans.

For now, Masks and Sanitizers are going to remain our constant companions. If we maintain high immunity, restrict our exposure to infection, keep ourselves mentally and emotionally fit, hopefully in due course of time, herd immunity will be achieved through vaccination and natural infection, though no timeline can be set!

Fortunately, we women enjoy a stronger immune system as compared to our male counterparts. Nature has been kind to us, we have two X chromosomes and our female hormones ensure that we have stronger immune response.

Ladies let’s do our best to tide over this period,

remain cool, be supportive to the people around you,

GOOD TIMES are around the corner,


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