10 Oct, 20

Are you going Bananas in these COVID Times???

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Almost eight months of our lives have gone by with masks, sanitizers, online entertainment and virtual connections with friends/family. It sure is taking its toll on our psyche and, on our mental health. We are scared, emotionally worked up and, stressed out with no end in sight in the near future.

In this scenario, ladies our responsibilities have increased tremendously because somehow the policing job to ensure that each member of the household adheres to the Covid restrictions has fallen on our shoulders.

Handling my husband and the domestic help, though I should not put them in the same bracket, is an uphill task. It has led to quite a few fights too. I am literally going bananas and on top of it, my retirement in June this year….Imagine my plight!

Each one of us has devised their own ways to handle the situation, despite repeated warnings, despite the rising numbers, we do end up taking some risks, especially now that the fatigue has set in. What am I doing to cope up?

Girls to keep my sanity, to keep myself occupied at home and to keep my mind sharp, I follow these FIVE things, not all on the same day, I keep alternating.

*I have downloaded “Word collect”, “Sudoku”, “Scrabble” and “Calm” on my smart phone, all these are free apps, are great to exercise and relax the mind.

*Reading the old classics again is another very fulfilling activity, friends the same “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand I read at age thirty; has a new, different meaning now.

*Learning something different, something new certainly tweaks the brain. Friends, recently I enrolled in the Tarot Card reading course with Udemy. Imagine a Science teacher throughout my life and learning to read Tarot cards – well its quite challenging and lots of fun!

*Gardening is another passion that offers amazing benefits and the thrill of enjoying something that you have grown yourself is so satisfying. The activity keeps you fit and one learns to appreciate nature.

*At the end of the day, my most looked forward activity is, sound sleep to rejuvenate the body and the mind. I create a serene and calm atmosphere by switching off all the gadgets in my bedroom, the chargers, the television, Alexa, my phone, no red, green tiny blinking lights and no background sounds. I welcome my natural body charger…. Peaceful, deep SLEEP!

Friends, each one of us is reacting in different ways,

Each of us is dealing with it in our own way,

Your unique inputs are welcome,

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