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Just two Tips to Boost Immunity!

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Our own body immunity is our only defense against all kinds of diseases.

Friends, I am sharing the secret of the villagers of Tircha Khet, Bhuwali, Uttarakhand; here there is not a single Covid-19 case in the entire village so far.

FIRST TIP – They eat only freshly prepared, seasonal, local produce. I got to taste their seasonal vegetables this time, as mentioned in my last blog, it was the first time in ten years that we spent two whole weeks here.

Junglee karela, (Momordica dioicia) known as Ram karela in the local language, grows wild during the rainy season. It is a good blood purifier, an immunity booster, and helps control diabetes. Also, it is great for weight loss, though people living in mountains are rarely obese. These villagers cook the vegetable in many different ways, they even prepare a very tasty pickle with Ram karela.  

Another magical produce of the hills is the natural air potato, (tuber of Dioscorea bulbifera) called The Gethi,  it grows in abundance, it keeps the body warm during winter months. Locals also use it to treat skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis. They cook it just like we use our potatoes, it makes an extremely delicious and filling vegetable, great as a snack too.

Wild mustard or Garhwali zeera, (seeds of Cleome viscosa) locally known as Jakhiya, these used for tempering vegetables, pulses, curries and, even curd.  This is another nugget from Uttarakhand, it gives an amazing crunch to the dish.


The leaves of the plant are used as antiseptic, also for healing wounds and ulcers. Oil extracted from the seeds helps treat mental disorders.

I got all this information from the local villagers, later it was corroborated on the internet too.

THE SECOND TIP – Simply walk, walk and walk, keep moving, keep doing something or the other during the day, it keeps the body immunity up. Here in this village, no one sleeps in the afternoon, people start their day early and wind up early, by 9:30-10:00 the whole village is asleep. This ensures sound sleep, no time to ponder so no stress!

What a simple, uncomplicated life,

Stress free and Covid free,


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