03 Oct, 20

Enjoying Nature in Corona times!

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If I was a poet, I would have written a few flowery couplets, describing the beauty of this place,

If I was a great writer, I would have made you feel exactly what I am experiencing,

If I was a good photographer, I would have captured nature’s marvels and shared them with you, my friends, and

If I was younger, maybe I would have fallen in love once again….Who knows?

Such is the magic of this place!

Very close to Nainital, there is a small village known as the “Tirchha Khet”, the crooked field, named so because each field is crooked and has a slope.   We own a cute little cottage here that we built way back in year 2010. For the past six and a half months due to this Corona scare, we could not visit the place. Now I guess the fatigue has set in, though the numbers are not abating, we still decided to take the plunge and came here last Sunday.

The whole procedure was quite daunting, first we took the PCR test for Covid in Delhi, after testing negative, we had to apply for the e-pass, seeking permission to enter Uttarakhand. Last Sunday, we drove down, just me and my husband, it felt just like good old days when as a young couple we would go from Pune to Lonavala or to Bombay on our Yezdi, now known as Jawa motorbike just to have fun during the weekend.

Except for a delay of almost two hours in Haldwani, where a thorough paper checking was done, it was an exhilarating experience.

Initially we almost felt guilty going out of the cottage without a mask and, not using the sanitizer sprays every now and then. Roaming around in this tiny village, where there are no Covid cases, is such a boon.

We are enjoying the laidback village life, milk and eggs delivered daily by the villagers, fresh vegetables, refreshing lemonade from the just plucked lemons tastes heavenly.

This is the first time that we are here for two weeks at a stretch, now we are realizing what we have been missing.

The crisp and clean air, bright sunshine and, the clouds entering the cottage when it is about to rain, gives us the feeling as though we are floating in the soft clouds.

Girls, this trip has truly connected me with nature,

Finally, I have stepped out of the Rat Race,

Ladies, grab the opportunity, be in sync with yourself,


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