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Relationships You & Your married Son

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The bond between mother and son is a special one, they say a man who has a good, solid relationship with his mother is likely to be more understanding of his wife. However, once the son gets married one has to set new rules, new boundaries and a new order. The sooner one does that the better it is for maintaining a heathy relationship.  

My son got married a few years back, since he was settled in the USA, I barely got a couple of days to live with the newly married couple. My Daughter in law is a well-educated, mature and a hard- core professional girl. I realized right from the beginning and was sort of prepared for a change in my relationship with my son. Since I have been a working woman throughout my life, I never was an overly possessive mother.  

Luckily, my son managed to maintain the fine balance between me and his wife, I do acknowledge the fact that it must have been a tight rope walk him. Some emotional detachment from the mother does creep in, which is but natural.

Me and my sons share a lot of common interests, we love to watch old classic films, we enjoy taking road trips and vacations, we can spend hours talking of the old times when these boys were growing up and the best part is that my son’s wife also joins in. Since we are not into each other’s hair on a daily basis, our relationship has remained more or less the same. As mentioned in my previous blog, we do maintain a heathy distance and respect each other’s privacy.

Each of us have our own experiences friends,

Each of us has a different set up,

I have shared my wisdom, my take, on the topic,

I invite you to write about yours,


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