16 Sep, 20

Make use of the God given Air Purifiers!

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Nature has bestowed upon us some magical plants that give out oxygen even during the night.

We stress about pollution/ bad air quality, we battle allergies and other medical conditions, we live unhealthy lives and end up spending recklessly on man-made air purifiers ignoring the simple, natural solutions, the precious gifts granted by nature.

Ladies, lets go ahead, bring in a few recommended plants, feel close to nature, enjoy a healthy environment, serene surroundings and aesthetic ambience right in our own homes.

Five easily available oxygen releasing plants that are easy to take care of are: –

*Arica Palm, it helps you sleep better, a beautiful, happy, indoor plant, only needs regular watering and an outing may be once a month.

*SansevieriaSnake plant, certainly improves the oxygen level, gives relief from allergies. It is a hardy plant, needs very little water, remains happy indoors for up to 2-3 months. I place one plant with long leaves and two of the short leaf variety in my bedroom. They look quite pretty.

*Aloe Vera, is another must have, no fuss plant, occasional watering is enough for this evergreen beauty. It is well known for its medicinal properties.

*Spider plant is another great oxygen producer, so easy to grow, just hates too much water. This fast growing, beauty enjoys outdoors too, so needs to be rotated every ten days or so.

*Tulsi, it is considered an auspicious plant, with a soothing fragrance, sheds leave in winters, demands good care. I love to keep one in the kitchen, besides improving the air the leaves are great immunity booster, Tulsi tea is so refreshing.

The seasonal flowering plants like Gerbera, Peace lily and Chrysanthemum are great air purifiers and mood enhancers, of course they need lot of care.

Our good old Money plant and Ficus (variety of fig plants) are two easily grown, air cleaners, they are quite happy to remain indoors, just a day out in the sun once a week is enough for them.

So, friends to keep it simple, if you don’t want to regularly shift your indoor plants ….

Go for the Arica palm, Snake plant and Aloe Vera. Do make sure that the leaves are kept clean, soil remains moist and once in a while mix a handful of organic fertilizer into the soil.

Trust me friends, you will sleep better, have lesser allergies and will love the feeling of being close to nature.

Welcome these plants in your home,

Enjoy healthy and happy life.


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