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Can I improve the air quality of my home? Great question. If you have gone through my previous blog, you know that the indoor air can be ten times worse than the air outside.

Friends, simple, effective, scientifically proven and a very doable solution is to place a few selected varieties of plants inside the house.

Placing just one plant in a 100 square feet of floor space is enough to clean air as per NASA studies on indoor pollution done in 1989. Bigger plants with more leaves are more effective. Just as you clean the filters of your air conditioner and air purifier, you need to clean the leaves of the plants. Leaves are the filters of these natural air purifiers, clean them with a wet cloth once a week or take them out and spray water on the plant.

I keep two to three 12” pots of the same plant type, one I place inside my home, rest remain out in the open. I keep rotating them every two weeks or so, this way they remain healthy, and the leaves get washed.

Most of us spend many hours at our work desk, in front of the computer, watching television, or sleeping, if you arrange a few plants around your personal breathing zones, these natural filters will remove toxins and pollutants, add humidity and, even increase oxygen levels in the air. They do give a feeling of wellbeing, uplift the mood, and the area looks great. Ladies where will you find so many benefits at such low cost!

I live in Delhi, during winters especially, I place a few plants in my bedroom to prevent throat and nose irritation due to dry air, girls, it works.

I am sure, now you would eagerly wait for my next blog. I am going to share the names and pictures of the plants that are great air cleaners, also some tips on how to place them for maximum effect and how to take care of them.

Cheerio girls,

Do look out for the next Blog.


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