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How to lose weight safely!

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I might sound preachy sometimes though I sincerely try not to, maybe because I have been a teacher for so long that it’s in my DNA now!

“Friends, we are going through tough times, but the setback is simply a setup for a greater comeback!”

             Happy Teachers Day

This is the time when we are mostly homebound, let’s make the most of it prepare for a smashing rebound by emerging fitter and shapelier.

We mature women know that we tend to have a slower metabolic rate, therefore losing weight is a challenging task for us. Various diets that become a fad for some time, neither work nor are recommended for us; regular exercise does keep the body toned/fit, but it doesn’t move the weighing scale needle towards the left.

The solution lies in reverting back to the natural, holistic, basic food habits, and adopting some lifestyle changes, slowly yet steadily.

Friends, it’s just common sense, and we grownup girls have it in plenty, one has to manage the calorie intake. Simple math’s works here…. burn more calories, reduce calorie intake. In short, zip up the mouth and move the butt!

Mantra is to make these five simple lifestyle changes: –

1)MOOV, prefer to sit when you tend to lie down, prefer to stand when you want to sit, and prefer to walk whenever you can. Girls, believe me, you will burn more calories if you remain conscious and keep moving around throughout the day.

2)PORTION CONTROL, take smaller portions of food, the trick is to use smaller plates and a smaller spoon while eating, it really works ladies!

3)ENJOY FOOD, take time to chew, relish, and enjoy what you eat. Never eat your meals sitting in front of the TV, after all, you do take pains to rustle it up, so might as well appreciate it.

4)QUALITY FOOD, always buy fresh, high-grade food, shun – buy one, get one free deal, there are no deals on premium products. You should put the best stuff in your body, as the saying goes….” you are what you EAT.”

5) PRIDE IN SELF, go for well fitted, tailored outfits, junk all baggy clothing that makes one feel dowdy, and get complacent about weight gain. Everyone must make an effort to look good, feel confident, and remain happy, whatever the age.

Last year I consulted a naturopath and lost seven kg weight in about two months, since then I have maintained it, even during this CORONA period, I am sticking to just two things: –  

Fresh green coriander and Capsicum soup at 6:30 pm. AND  Half a cup of Cumin water after dinner.

Girls it really works, in case you want me to share the recipe, contact me on my Email. RenukaG@3555

Friends, you are welcome to start a dialogue, share your own experiences, your special tips, and anything else that worked for you.

Come on girls, let’s encourage and support each other in fighting the battle of the bulge,


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