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SWEAT it out Sweetie

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Ladies, now that we have spent so much of time, effort, and money; we are smartly turned out and are raring to get that great body, sharp mind, and a happy demeanor.

Let’s begin with a ten-minute body stretching routine, starting from the top, proceed downwards.

Neck rotation, shoulder stretch, arm-stretching in all the directions (across the chest, above the head, behind the back), chest stretch, spine and lower back stretching, sideways stretches, hamstring stretch, and finally the ankle rotation. Carve out a routine involving all these stretching activities, take time to concentrate, do not hurry. Stretching is essential for body flexibility, balancing, and to warm up before going to the next set of more vigorous exercises.   

Exercises that increase the heart rate are……

The Zumba routine/ Dumbbell strength training exercises/ Aerobic dance exercise/ Cardiovascular activity. Work on any one of these for thirty minutes for a few days and then change.   

Friends, I love alternating the routines, the same workout every day becomes boring, our body gets used to it, also with different workouts, different parts of the body get exercised. Variety is great for a well-rounded physical experience, to keep our body in good shape, we must work on all the muscles.

Girl’s, follow the rule of thumb, beginners must undertake the high-intensity exercise for one minute followed by two minutes of low-intensity activity. Gradually, over a period of time, one can go to the next level, whereby every two minutes of intense activity is followed up by a one-minute breather. This set of work out is great to build strength and endurance.

After thirty minutes of high energy workout, go for another ten minutes of cooldown exercises.

These must include deep breathing to get back to the normal heart rate, follow it up with some relaxing activity to slowly ease the muscles and then go for a few stretching movements to help release muscular tension, finally relax in a comfortable position to bring the body back to a calm mode. In yoga one finishes with SHAVASANA, extremely relaxing, I really look forward to it after a workout!

Initially start with two days of workout and one daybreak, after a month as your body gets used to the routine progress to three days exercise followed by single daybreak.

Ladies, YouTube has plenty of videos, you may revisit my blog “Work towards a fitter you!” I have shared some useful links there, to help you put together a 50-minute workout that works for you; just ensure it comprises of all three components discussed above.

Friends, we are doing it for our own self,

So, no excuses now!


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