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How to choose perfect WORKOUT SHOES!

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Friends now that we are all set with the workout attire, final step is selecting that perfect pair of shoes, suited for your intended activities.

We must know our feet well, I have high arched feet, my footprints show a narrow line attaching my forefoot to my heel, also I notice that my shoes wear out on the outside edge.

I feel comfortable with a cushioned sole and an arch support.

Ladies, I suggest that you go to the WebMD site or the Mayo clinic site to determine your foot arch.

Dr. Scholl’s insoles, inserts and silicon heels are a great help, all big chemists and sports shops sell them.

I suffered from Heel Spur for good eight months, before a close friend suggested that I should take homeopathic medicine and use the silicone heel, within a month my problem was sorted out!

My toes are broad; only wide shoes work for me though the narrow ones look smart, I have decided to go for comfort. I always try out my shoes before buying, only the tried and tested brands and designs Iorder online.

Our feet change with age, if you have kept a pair over a long period of time, even if sparingly used, you may have to replace it. Running shoes lose their grip and fit after running 500 to 600 km. Girls, footwear too has an expiry date.

Friends, always go bootie shopping in the evening, there is scientific reason behind this tip, by the end of the day, feet swell and expand due to physical activity, if you buy new shoes in the morning, by evening they may start feeling tight.

I picked up a pair of Reebok shoes when the sale was on, I found the sole a little hard, but they were offering a whooping 60% off the original price, the sales person sensed my dilemma and pitched in, “Madam, after a few wears, they will soften but, you will never get such a bargain”, and I succumbed. Friends, the sole remained unwieldy and my poor feet paid the price! I have learnt my lesson, shoes must feel good right from the start, NO breaking in routine for me.

Puma, Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, Sketchers, ASICS, NOBULL all are very good brands, choose what works for you.

Go for quality & comfort, perfect shoes are an asset.

Get set to join the fit women’s tribe,


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